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Bump News: Team Ninja is Not Working on Nioh 3 or Ninja Gaiden

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A new interview with Team Ninja reveals that it’s working on several new games, however, a new Ninja Gaiden or Nioh 3 aren’t among the projects.

Team Ninja : More Details

Team Ninja
Team Ninja

Having created many key games during its over 25 year tenure as being a video recording game staple, Team Ninja has labored on from Alive or dead along with Metroid to Marvel Ultimate Hyrule and Alliance Warriors. Nevertheless, what many fans are going to remember the studio for is its development of the Ninja Gaiden and also Nioh series, that have since become famous inside their respective fandoms.

Talking on what Team Ninja is working hard on following within a job interview with TheGamer, Nioh director Fumihiko Yasuda spoken publicly about the reality that many projects are within the is effective in the studio. Unfortunately, he did make clear that these tasks do not incorporate new entries in both the Nioh or maybe Ninja Gaiden series, nonetheless, he did offer some interesting updates whether fans will see often eventually down the road.

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“Team Ninja would love to concentrate on working on new titles, so there actually is not a program for Nioh three at this point,” Yasuda confirmed when talking about the chance of a final entry in the Nioh series throughout the job interview. As for if players can anticipate far more Nioh in the long term, he does claim he “would love to return to the series at several point.” Based on the director, he believes with a few additional games under the crew’s belt and also a bit more experience, it would continue to “create an even greater game” which usurps both Nioh along with its recent sequel. It appears as the franchise is over the back burner, for today, it is absolutely not one the studio really wants to continue there for very long.

Ninja Gaiden Game

Team Ninja
Team Ninja

Inside regards to a Ninja Gaiden game, it appears the studio is a great deal more ahead about its intentions to use the sequence than some might recognize, with Yasuda claiming it is “a really essential sequence to Team Ninja.” He moves on to disclose that although there is absolutely nothing to announce currently, fans must “look forward to several possible information for a few sort of announcement within the near future.” Seeing as Ninja Gaiden has not resurfaced after 2014’s Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, you will find certainly fans waiting eagerly to find where series may go next, therefore it is reassuring to determine Team Ninja is considering how to proceed with the franchise.

The majority of the job interview covers many interesting tidbits about Team Ninja’s profession and what it is looking to pursue going forward, including if it is going to stick to player created protagonists wearing the Nioh franchise. Additionally, it covers the studio’s relationship together with the Dark Souls sequence, what employers did not make the slice in Nioh two, and why Yasuda thinks the Souls genre has was able to flourish in recent years. More Watch Here

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