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Sumo Digital Hiring For Two Unannounced Projects, One In An “Established AAA” Franchise

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Sumo Digital finished Sackboy
Sumo Digital finished Sackboy

Sumo Digital finished Sackboy

Sumo Digital is one of those studios you don’t seem to hear about all too often, but are actually one of the more steady and consistent players in the industry. They finished up work on Sackboy: A Big Adventure, a title for the PS4 and the launch of the PS5. Now it seems they have more in the pipeline, including something potentially pretty big.

Open-world action game establishment

The company is looking to hiring for two unannounced projects. One of them is a third person multiplayer-based shooter, though the scope of it is unclear, and they seem to be hiring for someone with a lot of PvP experience. The other is probably the bigger news, literally, as it’s said that the game is an AAA title in an established open-world action game (big props to MauroNL for finding and transcribing this, which you can see below).

Sumo Digital is known for a lot of different titles from Sackboy to Crackdown to Team Sonic Racing, so what the big AAA title could be is up in the air. We’ll just have to stay tuned.

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