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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 14 Online Showcase Event

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Final Fantasy 14 Game developer and publisher Square Enix announces a surprise schedule for an online showcase event featuring its popular MMORPG.

Final Fantasy 14 Online Showcase Event

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14

Arguably among the best contenders in modern MMO genre, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy fourteen has continually churned out brand new expansions and in game content, very much to its fans’ delight. With the development group working constantly to remain true to the promise of theirs of revealing much more Final Fantasy information throughout 2021, Square Enix has abruptly discovered an international routine for a Final Fantasy fourteen announcement showcase.

Many Final Fantasy fourteen players have been active with the latest Shadowbringers 5.4 spot update, what together with the brand new content being introduced just last December 2020. Nevertheless, with information of Square Enix trademarking a brand new title which coincidentally seems connected to the FF14 development naming direction, rumors have stimulated online, and followers are keen to hear news that is official to finally curb all of the speculations. And, it looks like the devs might have decided it was about time to place these recommendations to rest, by web hosting an online event.

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Shared on the MMO’s social networking profiles, and also on the official Lodestone website, Square Enix confirmed that there’ll be a Final Fantasy fourteen Announcement Showcase. The event is going to happen simultaneously across various period zones, on February five, 2021, 5:30PM February or PST six, 2021, 1:30 GMT. Players along with fans alike can see the occurrences on the internet with the game’s recognized livestreaming stations like YouTube, Twitch, as well as Japan’s well-liked streaming wedge, Niconico Live.

Final Fantasy 14

Development Team

The development team appears to be extremely tight lipped about the Final Fantasy fourteen event, because the announcement gave few details on what fans must expect when they tune into the livestream. With any other titles like Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise a short while ago using live electronic events to provide lots of news and also reveals, it’s quite likely that the final Fantasy fourteen staff is waiting to unload a huge amount of highly anticipated posts onto its participant base.

The game’s official articles also have reported that the livestream is interpreted living, from Japanese to English. This encourages fans to theorize that the Final Fantasy fourteen Announcement Showcase can hold much more than your normal developer updates, and could provide exciting info like a brand new expansion, a brand new content update, and on occasion even a new Final Fantasy fourteen character class or perhaps work.

Nevertheless, until the internet event basically comes about within February, Final Fantasy 14 ‘s players will need to remain still and also be content with the little quantity of info they currently have. And with just a couple of days remaining until the livestream, followers don’t have to wait too long before their inquiries regarding Final Fantasy 14 ‘s potential are finally answered.

Final Fantasy 14Β is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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