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Elite Dangerous Contest Gives Players a Chance at Having Their Name In-Game

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Elite Dangerous is holding a contest for players to submit their names to a lottery drawing, and the winning name will appear in-game.

Elite Dangerous Contest

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

When you are looking at space exploration games as Elite Dangerous, it is all about traveling through the galaxy and also making the mark of yours. With the Horizons DLC today no cost to play, players could much more easily experience everything that Elite Dangerous has to offer.

Nevertheless, with regards to creating one is mark within Elite Dangerous, the game has usually had far fewer choices than various other space sims. Until the innovative Odyssey DLC drops, players can’t walk on planets or even create bases on them. But to help you get the ball coming together with the DLC, Elite Dangerous’ devs are having a raffle where players may get the name of theirs within the game.



The winner on the raffle won’t be known for some time, considering that the Odyssey DLC is delayed due to the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, there’s, as of this post, always time for players to get into it. Basically, players are able to type in the title they need into the raffle, after which the devs will draw 5 random names in the container. They will toss any names which may prove problematic (so it is better to stick with something PC) and also the 5 names they’re left with becomes names for different locations inserted inside the Odyssey DLC.

labels planetary features

Granted, it is not exactly specified what sort of locations will bear the labels of the fortunate players chosen. Considering Odyssey is going to introduce on foot exploration to Elite Dangerous, it is possible that these labels will planetary features or grace planets. Anyone entering shouldn’t be disappointed if their name doesn’t end up gracing a star bunch. It is also a toss up as to how many real names will end up being picked rather compared to joke names. All things considered, the web is likely to put forth additional outlandish titles for landmarks or vehicles when given the opportunity, as research is likely to show.

The method in which Elite Dangerous has developed over the years and goes on to do so is surely remarkable. That is the thing about space-sims as Elite Dangerous and No Male’s Sky: there is virtually infinite room for development.

With much more info on settlements in Odyssey discovered recently, it is obvious players have a great deal to do. Obviously settlements may be named after players in case they really desire, but just a few have the chance to use a landmark bear the names of theirs. The contest is open up until the 22nd, consequently there is still some time to get an entry in.

Elite Dangerous is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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