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God of War Studio is Hiring for Unannounced New Project

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A new tweet from Sony Santa Monica confirms the God of War Studio is currently working on an unannounced project separate from Ragnarok.

God of War Studio is Hiring for Project

God of War Studio
God of War Studio

Arrival as the better of a PlayStation five function previous September, Sony Santa Monica discovered it will be creating a highly expected sequel to its frequently recommended God of War Studio reboot, with God of War: Ragnarok announced via a very short cinematic teaser. The game, and that is tentatively slated for this season, that seems is not the single surprise the studio has set up the sleeve of its, however.

Discovered through an article on airers4you ‘s Twitter, Sony Santa Monica is seeking a seasoned art director to focus on “a brand-new unannounced title” try separating through God of War Studio Ragnarok. Although rumors have circulated for quite a while that the studio was really crafting something completely new alongside the long awaited sequel, it appears the content is an immediate confirmation that the staff is working hard on several projects.


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Besides that, there is little going off. Discussions about the staff doing 2 games began following a screenshot through LinkedIn was leaked on ResetEra returned in 2018. The picture, that centered on a specialized director at giving Sony Santa Monica’s function listing of the studio, revealed the staff was allegedly working hard on “a strategic, multi phase, long term studio plan spanning 2 upcoming projects.” With God of War Studio : Ragnarok announced, it appears this unannounced game will be the 2nd part of that program. As the 2018 reboot of God of War was a smash hit for the studio, commonly being viewed as among the great titles of the prior model, most will undoubtedly be pleased to find out they are growing the focus of theirs to focus on even more experiences.

Particular Game

God of War Studio

As for what this particular game is going to be, it appears the studio has been interested in working on a new IP for quite some time today, with it initially envisioning an expansive sci fi game that, sadly, never saw the lighting of day. If the staff chooses to venture down that path once again, it would be good to view it shift focus in the mythological Norse along with Greek pantheons on the huge areas of something or space equally futuristic. Nevertheless, players are going to have to continue a careful eye on what ever this next project seems to be.

As for God of War: Ragnarok, the sequel will assumedly adhere to on in the remarkable finale on the franchise’s almost all recently available outing, with Atreus and Kratos unintentionally inciting the apocalyptic Norse occurrence referred to as Ragnarok. The game will hopefully appear to cash in on the strong story which made the prior game such a staple on the PlayStation four lifecycle, with the mystical discloses that capped off the prior game’s campaign certain to make Kratos’ next adventure even more fascinating. For more Click here

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