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Naughty Dog’s Druckmann Lists Punisher, Half-Life, Cowboy Bebop, And Other Properties He’d Like To Work On

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Naughty Dog’s Druckmann Lists Punisher
Naughty Dog’s Druckmann Lists Punisher

The most renowned is Naughty Dog 

Naughty Dog has emerged as 1 of probably the most famous & significantly recommended studios within the gaming business. Some would place them upwards currently there with all the likes of Rockstar as well as, in ways that are many, has been the best important of the present crop of Sony initial bash studios as their Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises have assisted build a kind of’ house style’ for Sony’s prosperous hits. Co-President Neil Druckmann has been a major figure in everything this particular and also has long been, within several reasons, the facial skin of at the rear of the scenes. Today he is also provided some suggestions about a number of dream opinions of established attributes he would love to work on.

On Twitter, Druckmann was directed what developed IPs he would love to create a game for. He gave five somewhat unexpected and more or less off the wall structure answers. He’d 2 Marvel superheroes with these, The Punisher as well as the a lot less known Ghost Rider. Also, he listed the legendary Half-Life series as well as the indie sensation Hotline Miami, that received a cameo in The Last of Us Part two. Possibly the one that’s surprising the best is Cowboy Bebop, the beloved anime regarding room bounty hunters within the far long term.

While we don’t know for sure what Naughty Dog is working on next, though some recent concept art could be pointing a certain way, it’s pretty doubtful that any of this is a hint or anything, so don’t get too excited for Naughty Dog’s take on Ghost Rider or Cowboy Bebop, but now I imagine you can’t get the thought out of your head.


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