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Returnal is Pre-Order Bonus Shows Alternate Suits

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Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Shows Alternate Suits
Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Shows Alternate Suits

 Returnal on PS5 looks to be an incredibly unique experience

In March, the next big PS5 exclusive is set to come out with Returnal. The game looks to be an incredibly unique experience, one its developer hopes will haunt you, while also giving you tons of weapons and a bullet hell like gameplay experience. We also now know at least one pre-order bonus and it could hint at some alternate looks for the game’s unfortunate protagonist.

Amazon Germany and Amazon UK have listed a pre-order bonus for the game that consists of two alternate suits for the main character. Her default is a white and yellow suit as seen in the display picture above. These two, however, are black and yellow and gray and yellow and both have different body and helmet designs.

it is not clear whether this’s just with the Europe region, although it is unusual for Sony to accomplish that because of their first party titles, or maybe an Amazon pre order limited (while the digital PlayStation Store prospect lists two in game suits, it does not show photos or maybe use names so we do not know if It is the same). It does appear to hint at the possibility of alternative suits, a thing that even has not been reviewed as of composing this. It is possible this’s all there’ll be, though it opens the possibility for more alternative unlocks in game or perhaps perhaps the capability to combine as well as match helmets as well as body designs.

Returnal is still a little off, releasing March 19th, consequently there is time for them to information all of this, or maybe it might wind up becoming a surprise if this does turn out for PlayStation five.

Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Shows Alternate Suits
Returnal Pre-Order Bonus Shows Alternate Suits
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