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Chorus : New Game From Former Dragon Age Writer Gets Development Update

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Former lead writer on the Dragon Age series, David Gaider, joins Troy Baker and Laura Bailey on a new game, Chorus, about music and branching paths.

Chorus : Action Games


After David Gaider remaining Bioware after Dragon Age Inquisition was finished, he teamed in place with Liam Esler to create Summerfall Studios. After the business’s founding, its numbers increased and their first game began development.

The game is Chorus, never to be wrongly identified as the Deep Silver game by the very same title. Chorus is a branching road narrative game which is something recognizable to Gaider after composing for Dragon Age. The thing that makes Summerfall’s Chorus is different however, would be that the branching dialogue is not only dialogue. They are song lyrics.

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In December, Summerfall posted an upgrade roughly the way the game is engaging in on its crowd financing web page, Fig. The article provided a video with a little developer commentary in addition to several considerably more succinct text descriptors. Based on the content, Gaider meant to complete the very first draft of the software with the holiday season and also “has built outstanding progress on the posting of the game.” Gaider did note that the software was much more challenging to create given the point that the game is a much and musical of the dialogue has to be lyrics.


Summerfall Staff

The Summerfall staff has also been difficult at the office with concept art form for the environments, the user interface for the game, and character art form. Over in the more specialized realm, a save/load process is now being tested. The lyricists are focusing on the drafts of theirs because of the game’s music and also Summerfall consistently search for new staff members. Great news here

As for the general synopsis on the game, it stars a singer called Grace which will come deal with to confront with a muse out of Greek mythology that subsequently dies before her and goes by along his capabilities to her. Grace must then prove she didn’t destroy the muse towards the pantheon; a method which seemingly involves a great deal of singing as well as music. Grace is able to exemplify among 3 traits: “kickass,” “charming.” and “clever,” Players are able to stay with a specific characteristic throughout the whole game, or maybe they are able to transform traits as they participate in the game. Different traits are going to allow Grace to address situations in ways that are different.

Naturally, Grace is not the sole character. She’s joined by the best friend of her as well as band mate Freddie, the gods Hermes and Apollo, the mythical Pan, and also the leader on the Underworld, Persephone. All those individuals that know the Greek mythology of theirs might be asking yourself why Persephone will be the ruler of the underworld plus precisely why Hades is not. For Chorus, Summerfall has dreamed an alternative model of this particular universe where Persephone had taken above the Underworld from Hades.

Chorus will be released for PC with a currently undisclosed release date.

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