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Valve Has More New Games In Development, Says Gabe Newell

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While he hasn’t officially confirmed any exact titles, Gave Newell says Valve is currently working on new games and may imply they’re single-player.


Valve Has More Games

While the requirements for a Half Life three never actually went out, the release of Half Life: Alyx definitely renewed hope that Valve will one day make the game a truth. And although Valve’s founder and president Gabe Newell will continue to not address it, he’s confirmed that Valve is now working on no less than a couple of new activities.

During an interview with one News, Newell said that going back to make single player games as Half Life: Alyx produced a great deal of momentum to perform even more like it, which appears to imply that what Valve is working hard on will carry out fit. Nevertheless, he not simply did he again won’t comment on Half Life three, he remained silent on a possible sequel to puzzle game Portal too.

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Valve Has Games In Development They Plan To Announce, Per Gabe Newell

The first Portal launched in 2007 and quickly grew to become a beloved favorite among critics and fans. A sequel accompanied in 2011, that also expanded in the game’s story and worldbuilding. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Portal two so it will make good sense for Valve to put out a thing to celebrate the event, although whether it will do this with a new game or perhaps not is another issue entirely.

Newell has chosen to not comment on whether Portal and half-life are certain to get sequels for about a decade now, acknowledging he hopes to attain a time when many start to be moot. Having said that, he contributes that, by not responding to the questions, it means the society is not developing other questions that might be hard to answer.

Subject of the rumored Citadel game

Additionally, he was directed on the subject of the rumored Citadel game, though he claimed to not have any concept what it really might be. He recommended that Citadel might be a codename along with, since labels switch over time, it is likely called something else today, assuming it exists at all.


In exactly the same interview, Newell also talked about the potential for keeping esports tournaments for Dota two and Counter Strike in New Zealand, as it has among the only places worldwide where it will be safe to do this as a result of the country ‘s reaction on the coronavirus pandemic, along with defended Cd Projekt throughout its launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Said launch has seen the company ‘s status take a substantial struck, as it angered as well as fans that are upset, critics, and even its own investors.

Apart from the launch of Half Life: Alyx, 2020 was a really solid year for Valve on the whole. More and more individuals appeared to be checking out Steam as a method of coping with the pandemic, causing its greatest Christmas Day ever.

More recently, however, Valve came under flame on the European Union for geo blocking games (preventing users from buying games outside of the home country) of theirs and was fined because of it. It was not the only organization also, using the likes of Capcom as well as Bandai Namco guilty of doing exactly the same. More Watch Here

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