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Electronic Arts Patent May Change The Way Players Handle Currency In Online Games , Important

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An Electronic Arts patent may change the way players approach currency in online games by facilitating multi-game currency options for its New franchises.

Electronic Arts Patent

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has become the proprietor of a brand new patent which might mean changes in how players deal with online game currency within the company’s franchises. The brand new patent, which concentrates on facilitating multi game currency across several online games, was given to EA on January nineteen and details a method which focuses on multi game currency ease of third-party verification and use of the identical currency.

EA’s testing with facilitating a broader use of online game currency might not come as a shock to gamers familiar with the business’s past. The organization became embroiled in a big controversy back in 2017 regarding Star Wars Battlefront 2 ‘s large utilization of microtransactions and also needed to eliminate them at the game temporarily because of backlash from gamers. Though Electronic Arts Patent made improvements to Star Wars Battlefront two as well as the game’s reception since that time has been more positive, the microtransaction mayhem remaining a bad taste in several a gamer ‘s mouth concerning on the internet interactions with EA activities. Though EA’s newest patent appears to look from microtransactions and shifts the main objective to effectively implementing multi game currency in games that are online.


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The patent details a program where players use multi game currency throughout multiple online video games, and the paying of that particular currency is authenticated by a third party. Essentially, that implies that players are able to accrue in game currency for just one game (maybe by finishing in game difficulties or maybe a particular amount of internet matches) after which invest that currency on other items or cosmetics in another game. A third-party like Google Plus or Facebook is utilized to authenticate the transactions as being a medium between the professional and EA.

Great technology

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts

This technique could make it much easier for gamers to obtain whatever they really want across several franchises by EA, though it is not without its controversies. Though third parties are able to serve as an independent arbiter to guarantee internet currency is gained and also spent properly, they may also abuse the power of theirs. For instance, potential third party Facebook is being examined for blocking Oculus competitors after it bought the Oculus business back in 2014. More Watch Here

Though it is not likely Facebook will purchase out EA, there is still the chance that Facebook or maybe another 3rd party will call for some kind of registration in order to utilize the multi game currency it’ll be checking. Facebook probably requires Oculus owners to develop a bank account with them, therefore this type of forced association is not from the issue.

On another hand, the patent might mean a beneficial change for EA’s internet games. Imagine generating currency in FIFA twenty one Ultimate Team and then utilizing which currency in Madden NFL twenty one or maybe NHL 21. Players may actually be much more likely to buy numerous EA games to make use of the multi game currency system. Other businesses like little developer White Box Gaming now use a type of common inventory system that its followers find enjoyable. If EA is able to find a means to highlight the player focused facets of this particular patent, it may mean a change in the public ‘s notion of the business’s online gaming offerings. Come On To Our Website MARKET 4 GAMES

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