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Genshin Impact Slime Paradise web event: 120 free Primogens, event rewards, and other details

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Genshin Impact Slime Paradise web event

The Genshin Impact Slime Paradise web event has gone live, and players can earn up to 120 Primogems before it ends.

The developers at miHoYo discovered the brand new Genshin Impact net occasion, Slime Paradise, on January 22nd. Kicking off of these days itself, it is going to end on January 31st during 23:59 (UTC+8). Players are able to take part in the event here.

Nevertheless, prior to taking part, players should make certain they’ve a minimum of a level ten Adventure Rank. You will find no other needs which can easily obstruct players from taking part in the Slime Paradise web occasion in Genshin Impact.

This event offers a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards like Hero’s Wit, Mora, and also Primogems.

Here’s everything to know about the Slime Paradise web event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Slime Paradise web event

Being a web event, the Slime Paradise section is available for players on miHoYo’s official website. The objective is to purchase decorations to decorate players’ parks. Various decorations are supposed to attract certain slimes and monsters to visit the respective park.

Genshin Impact Slime Paradise web event: 120 free Primogens, event rewards, and other details
Genshin Impact Slime Paradise web event: 120 free Primogens, event rewards, and other details

The official event details on miHoYo’s website states that players are expected to attract more visitors with multiple decorations. However, they need to spend Paradise Coins to purchase these decorations. Gamers can earn Paradise Coins by completing daily tasks in Genshin Impact’s web event.

Apart from Paradise Coins, the most essential resource that gamers have to collect during the Slime Paradise web event is Paradise Tickets. They can earn these tickets through these methods:

  • From event tasks: Completing specific event tasks will result in players earning Paradise Tickets.
  • From decorations: After purchasing a decoration, it will begin generating Paradise Tickets at a designated time each day, starting on the next day. Designated time: Daily at 00:00 (Server time).
  • From monsters: Monsters will come to visit the park every day. Each time a different kind of monster visits for the first time, they will bring players a greeting gift of Paradise Tickets.

Players can collect rewards from the Rewards Shop in exchange for Paradise Tickets. The list of rewards available are:

  • 30 Primogems – Redeemable four times – Costs 2,000 Paradise Tickets
  • 5 Hero’s Wit – Redeemable five times – Costs 600 Paradise Tickets
  • 5 Fine Enhancement Ore – Redeemable five times – Costs 300 Paradise Tickets
  • 10,000 Mora – Redeemable 10 times – Costs 600 Paradise Tickets
  • 500 Mora – Redeemable 99 times – Costs 100 Paradise Tickets

With the event scheduled to end on January 31st, players are advised to collect as many Paradise Tickets as possible. This will not only allow them to claim in-game items from the Rewards Shop but also help them progress in Genshin Impact.

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