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Resident Evil Village’s Next Demo Will Have “Meatier” Gameplay Experience

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Resident Evil Village Next Demo Will Have “Meatier” Gameplay Experience
Resident Evil Village Next Demo Will Have “Meatier” Gameplay Experience

Resident Evil Village & Your knowledge

We know now a lot more about Resident Evil Village than we one time did as we have really quite a great appearance at the general game in yesterday’s show off. PS5 owners also got a thing associated with a surprised having a demo of this game. It was likely disappointing to everybody else, because the game is going to be coming to nearly all any other major platforms, but there’s an additional demo coming, using the promise of a little more meat.

The Maiden demo available now on PS5 is specifically called a visual demo, and does not have you playing as protagonist Ethan Winters but another unnamed character who is trying to escape a castle that looks to be a key setting in the main game. It’s been said that another demo is coming sometime in Spring and on Capcom’s official Twitter, they took to promise a meatier gameplay experience. Maiden does not feature any combat, for example, only allowing you to utilize the game’s blocking function. It is quite the visual showcase, however, which you can read about through here.

Resident Evil Village will release May 7th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on May 7th. The Maiden demo is available on PS5 now, with the second demo coming to all platforms sometime in Spring. You can also read up PUBG Mobile 2 : New horror game

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