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Apex Legends Season 8 is totally demolishing Kings Canyon

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Apex Legends’ map Kings Canyon would be “obliterated”

When Respawn said very last week which the Apex Legends’ chart Kings Canyon will be “obliterated” in Season eight, I thought maybe this meant they had been planning to whack a huge crater someplace and call it one day. After watching the brand new Season eight launch trailer, I believe I wildly underestimated the resolve of theirs. Kings Canyon looks as a wasteland.

I do not understand why I did not think a lot of the entire “obliterated” thing. It is a very good word to explain utterly destroying one thing. See it materialize on your own in the trailer below

Apex’s previous map changes have been big, but I don’t think any of them have quite reached this scale. The trailer sees new Legend Fuse making an ostentatious debut at the Apex Games, before his former pal from his lore trailer tries to blow up the big airship he’s stood on – as well as the poor crowd beneath it. He manages to stop the exploding at first, but then, uh oh, it looks like she’s actually rigged most of the arena to pop too. It all goes boom, and what’s left is a smouldering wasteland where Kings Canyon used to be.

I wonder if it is fun, or perhaps a little bit depressing, for your devs to demolish one thing they have worked on for as long. This map had a great run, I assume, it is the single one that is been around Apex since it released nearly 2 years before.

It will be good in case 1 day Apex took a leaf from Fortnite’s guide to show several of these map changes with living events. For almost as I like the cinematics, observing Fuse arrive directly during a match up would have been amazing.

Apex Legends Season 8 arrives on February 2nd. As well as the new character and fiery map changes, Respawn are also introducing a new gun, the 30-30 Repeater. Check out their website for more info.



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