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Dauntless Announces Return of Solo Hunts

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Dauntless Developer Phoenix Labs announces a decision to bring solo queues to the Hunting Grounds in Game based on community feedback.

Dauntless Announces Return of Solo Hunts


Dauntless creator Phoenix Labs is set to make some huge modifications on the free-to-play action role playing in the future. Based upon participant feedback, Dauntless will quickly view a solo/private play of the Hunting Grounds.

Dauntles is really a Monster Hunter like title which allows players to venture on hunts of Behemoths with buddies, investigate destinations, build out the hunter of theirs, and much more. Constant updates for Dauntles help to keep the game new. Though a recent decision created by Phoenix Labs was greeted with backlash, and now the staff is performing a 180.


Dauntless Reforged reinvents hunting and progression tomorrow – PlayStation.Blog

The choice was made that players wouldn’t have the ability to solo queue for your Hunting Grounds in Dauntles, which means they’d to pal up with teams being the job finished. But upon listening into the fans, collecting information around individual play, and much more, Phoenix Labs has decided to bring solo/private queue to the Hunting Grounds by the end of March 2021.

Some distance away

March may seem as some distance away, sadly, though the announcement that was produced on Reddit was greeted with response that is positive. For most, it’s tough to find a complete team to play with for just a Hunting Grounds operate. For others, it’s just fun to attempt a solo operate of the challenge. Read More

For Phoenix Labs, it’s encouraging to find it’s prepared to hear criticism and make new choices based on stated feedback. Yesterday Microsoft backtracked the decision of its to up the cost of Xbox Live Gold after experiencing an outcry from its followers. Understanding how you can listen to comments from fans after a choice which could be an incorrect one is equally as important as doing the correct decision in the very first place.

Dauntless Update Drastically Overhauls Ramsgate

Dauntless’ principal city hub is getting a dramatic and complete overhaul based on community responses, courtesy of creator Phoenix Labs.


The field of Dauntles continues to be constantly growing after the release of its, together with the newest addition is a top-to-bottom upgrade of the hub town of Ramsgate. The renovation reportedly features Dauntles community feedback gathered in the last several days, using much more interaction and depth possibilities for players.

The free-to-play co op action RPG takes place on the planet of Shattered Isles, and gameplay entails consuming down monstrous Behemoths alongside fellow players and friends. Because the launch of its last May, Dauntles happens to be provided more than a dozen content updates; most recent before this particular Ramsgate overhaul was “Call of the Void,” that launched brand new boss and gameplay fights.

Dauntless is out now for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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