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Rumor: Resident Evil 7 Next-Gen Upgrade in the Works

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A new rumor suggests that Capcom’s critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 7 may be getting a next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Resident Evil 7 Next-Gen Upgrade

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

Capcom had taken a huge risk with Resident Evil seven by changing the franchise’s traditional third person viewpoint to a first person perspective. Nevertheless, it is safe to state the gamble has paid above huge period, as Resident Evil seven is one of Capcom’s best selling games actually & earned rave reviews at the time of its release. Capcom will likely be ongoing Resident Evil 7 ‘s history with the launch of Resident Evil eight later on this season, but at the same time, fans might quickly get a motive to revisit RE7 itself.

Based on AestheticGamer also known as Dusk Golemon Twitter, Capcom “100%” has a next gen spot within the is effective for Resident Evil seven. Presumably, this next gen spot is going to be for both PlayStation five as well as Xbox Series X, although that was not specified. It is also unclear what exactly this patch is going to entail or even if this means that a correct next gen release of Resident Evil seven is located in the works. Perhaps it’ll just be a spot which improves the game’s overall performance on next gen consoles, or perhaps it is going to be a full-blown update like other activities have experienced.


Resident Evil 7 Rumored To Be Getting PS5, Xbox Series X/S Upgrade

Regardless of the situation could be, if the Resident Evil seven next gen spot is located in the is effective, a person must envision it is going to drop before Resident Evil eight does. And when that is the situation, then simply Capcom should be revealing info about it earlier rather than later on. All things considered, the Resident Evil eight release date is May seven, and the company is wanting to shed a second demo between then and now, therefore it is going to get the hands of its full.

Resident Evil 7

Potential for Resident Evil

Aesthetic Gamer even touched on the potential for Resident Evil eight supporting virtual reality. As many might recall, Resident Evil seven possessed a VR mode, and it had been rather well received at the moment. With Resident Evil eight sticking with Resident Evil 7 ‘s first person viewpoint and apparently playing fairly the same, it will make good sense that fans are thinking about a VR function. AestheticGamer claims that VR was designed for Resident Evil eight “at some point,” though it might not be a part of the final product. As it appears, Capcom hasn’t made some recognized announcements about Resident Evil eight having any kind of VR mode. Read More

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

There continue to be numerous unanswered queries about Resident Evil 8, though the latest Resident Evil showcase did give fans some answers. It not merely confirmed Resident Evil 8 ‘s discharge day, though additionally, it revealed that PS4 & Xbox One designs are on the way as well. And since Sony still has not announced a PlayStation VR two headset, one would require the PS4 edition of RE8 in case they had been playing the game found VR.

PS5 owners are able to play the Resident Evil eight demo while they hold out for news on a possible VR edition of the upcoming survival horror game. Those on other platforms needs to have a demo of their very own to play in the future also, Resident Evil 7 becomes the best selling game in the Resident Evil series, beating out Resident Evil 5 for the top spot by 200,000 units.

Resident Evil 7 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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