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Square Enix Will Preview Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5 Next Month

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Final Fantasy 14 :The next Letter from the Producer Live will feature the first look at patch 5.5, hosted by Naoki Yoshida and Shoichi Matsuzawa.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5 Next Month

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14

COVID-19 might have canceled Final Fantasy 14 ‘s seventh 14 hour marathon transmitted, but Square Enix will continue to host small, safer living productions because of the neighborhood. On Friday, February five at 10pm PST, director & producer Naoki Yoshida and also direct task supervisor Shoichi Matsuzawa will host Letter From the Producer Live sixty two and detail what is in store for spot 5.5.

The last arc of Final Fantasy’s Shadowbringer’s development has concluded, but which does not mean there is not a lot more forward for the Warrior of yours of Light. At the conclusion of every expansion ‘s cycle, Final Fantasy fourteen goes on to upgrade with brand new story and battle content.

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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 14 Online Showcase Event

Particular information

You will find no particular information on what you need to expect because of this Letter From the Producer, though it is simple for experts of the MMO to generate several educated guesses. Today, the game still must put in the last installment of the Nier themed 24 man raids and more actions for the Relic Weapon sequence. There is a lot to do still, and also we will probably see new crafts in the type of Primal tool glams, housing products, and so on.

The timing will come simply after Final Fantasy 14 ‘s Announcement Showcase is slated, that is going to take place on exactly the same morning at 5:30pm PST. You are able to enjoy the function in the YouTube website link previously mentioned. Once again, this’s one more event where almost nothing is presented in concrete, though Final Fantasy fourteen fans are doubtful that this might be the show of the game’s 6.0 development.

Generally, the previous Live Letters from director & Producer Naoki Yoshida are completed at the game’s number of Fan Festivals, together with the development reveal. But thanks to COVID 19, the typical information routine continues to be delayed and the staff is driven to adapt through hosting online only events. Click Here For More

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