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CyberPunk 2077 crashing after 1.1 Patch: Here is how it can be fixed

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CyberPunk 2077 crashing after 1.1 Patc

CyberPunk 2077 crashing after 1.1 Patch
CyberPunk-2077 crashing after 1.1 Patch

Cyberpunk-2077 has been facing crash issues on PC after the release of patch 1.1, and it’s probably not CD Projekt Red’s fault.

As reported in a video on the JuiceHead YouTube channel, players who have “Cyber Engine Tweaks” installed on their PC are most likely to face a crash issue in Cyberpunk 2077. Cyber Engine Tweaks is one of the most popular mods available for Cyberpunk-2077.

With patch 1.1 becoming the first significant update within Cyberpunk 2077, the modders are still to upgrade the application of theirs to sync with patch 1.1. Thankfully, players are able to uninstall the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod to prevent Cyberpunk 2077 from crashing.

Uninstalling the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod could be a bit of challenging as it utilizes the Lua programming language.

How to prevent Cyberpunk 2077 from crashing on PC

To uninstall the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod from their system, players will need to remove four specific folders or files from their device. These files and folders can be located in:

  • <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/plugins/
  • <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/global.ini
  • <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/LICENSE
  • <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/version.dll

If players are currently facing issues after eliminating the above mentioned files and folders from the system of theirs, it may be brought on by modded things that the player may have in the inventory of theirs.

If so, players are going to need to open up the Cyber Engine Tweaks system by pressing “~” on the US layout keyboard. Players are able to get a complete list of instructions because of the Cyber Engine Tweaks console here.

Just in case players face trouble despite getting rid of the previously files & folders, they are going to have to get rid of all modded things from the inventory of theirs. If players continue to face crash problems, they must try out reinstalling Cyberpunk 2077 and probably the latest updates, which includes patch 1.1.

Players shouldn’t be facing any further crash issues on Cyberpunk 2077 after a fresh installation. Players only need to ensure that the Cyber Engine Tweaks isn’t installed on their machine after the clean installation.

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