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Pokimane became a speechless

Recently, Imane “Pokimane” Anys couldn’t believe she got banned from Mathew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s Twitch chat.

Pokimane was looking at Mizkif’s Twitch channel when she began to boast about having a higher “messages per minute” ratio than the American streamer. She also saw a “little people” emoticon that she thought was really cute.

The internet sensation wanted to add the particular emoticon to her own Twitch chat but noticed the emoticon itself was a customized one for Mizkif’s fans.

Just as she said that she would not be able to add the emoticon, Mizkif ended up banning her from his Twitch chat, leading to a hilarious reaction from Pokimane.

Pokimane stunned after getting banned from Mizkif’s Twitch chat

Pokimane was engaging with her viewers when she decided to explore other streamers’ channels. Upon stumbling on Mizkif’s Twitch live channel, which had a live stream scheduled to start pretty soon, the 24-year-old had quite a few interesting things to say.

Pokimane became a speechless
Pokimane became a speechless

First of all, she boasted she’d a greater “messages a minute” ratio and appeared truly pleased. Furthermore, the emoticon which she believed was extremely cute was a personalized fan emote which Mizkif had made readily available to the viewers of his.

Pokimane became a speechless
Pokimane became a speechless

As observed in the video, Pokimane got banished from the Twitch chat right after asking yourself if she can include the emote along with was left stunned. She sat there quietly with an open mouth and couldn’t think Mizkif had simply blocked her.

A good number of fans & viewers believed the event was hilarious, though Pokimane ended up obtaining unbanned moments later on.


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