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Interpoint : A NEW Gameplay Trailer 2021

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Interpoint : A NEW Gameplay Trailer 2021

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The very first three chapters are now offered! The game has been totally reworked
Over the previous 1.5 years, the three-person team of ours has reimagined every aspect of the game and re created it. We redesigned all amounts, numerous areas of this gameplay, puzzles, alter the visual design and consequences, and the majority of the plot to make INTERPOINT more effectively and more exciting. Thank you for thinking in us!

The very first 3 chapters are available today!

The full model of the game is going to include 6 chapters, and we prepare to accomplish job on INTERPOINT by the conclusion of 2021.
At the second the game is solely offered on Steam, but eventually we’re preparing a release on consoles too.
About the game:
The season is 2032. Scientific corporation Delta Laboratories, the research of parallel dimensions.
You’re Harry German, a worker that worked on a task which was designed to help every one of humanity, but one thing went wrong, and right now you’re stood far from home. Travel through various other dimensions to find clues as well as the unusual relationship between these worlds. Find out what truly occurred in the Laboratory and how you can be back.

Interpoint : A NEW Gameplay Trailer 2021
Interpoint : A NEW Gameplay Trailer 2021

The Photon Gun is the primary component of the gameplay. The unit is able to absorb many energy types from items in the planet and make use of it to resolve puzzles. Melt glass and slim surfaces by using high temperature light, hold adversaries in position by using pressure field, soak up gamma light out of radioactive puddles, interact with actual physical objects, read secret pathways, developed your very own means to resolve puzzles, as a lot of them may be fixed in ways that are different!
Explore Delta Laboratories science facilities as well as parallel worlds, in which you are able to connect what you couldn’t even imagine. You are going to visit a lot of unusual locations, from the deep forest in Dimension fifty one to surreal landscapes as well as temples of old civilizations on Dark Sun

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