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Grand Theft Auto Fans Are Hoping for a Super Bowl 55 Teaser

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Grand Theft Auto fans recall the Vice City references from Super Bowl 54 and hope for more substantial Grand Theft Auto news this year.

Grand Theft Auto Fans

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto followers are starved for news, although not just any news. An announcement concerning what is subsequent for Grand Theft Online would definitely be received well, but that is not what GTA followers are starved for. They wish to know about Grand Theft GTA six, the unconfirmed and unannounced sequel thought to be in improvement at Rockstar. Fittingly, the upcoming Super Bowl fifty five event is providing all those GTA fans another chance to speculate about only such an expose.

The emphasis on Super Bowl fifty five is not totally with no direction, though it is a reach to become sure. The speculation requires root in previous year ‘s Super Bowl, the Miami based Super Bowl fifty four. All those who watched Super Bowl fifty four might remember Fox created a video recording because of its kickoff show with a Grand Theft GTA Vice City design. The clip showcased a Fox NFL Kickoff logo with all the Vice City font, then simply proved videos with star-rating graphics and mini-map in the sides.


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At the time, Grand Theft GTA followers got the Vice City design as proof of the participation of Rockstar in the occasion. While no such partnership arrived to fruition, followers still assumed there was a purpose to the Vice City references. Even today, fans that are many think all those Super Bowl fifty four references have been a suggestion that Grand Theft GTA six would revisit Vice City, that has turned into a popular and widespread rumor.

Process of several fans

The thought process of several fans states that if Super Bowl fifty four hinted at giving Vice City ‘s addition in Grand Theft GTA six, then Super Bowl fifty five should have something specific in store, too. Maybe there’ll be much more slight hints coming from Rockstar, or maybe they will go all out and launch a brand new trailer. There is no real proof of this specific, of course. Though Grand Theft GTA fans love speculating almost almost as they enjoy real announcements. Read More

To repeat, there is no real indication that Rockstar is going to share some information around the future of Grand Theft GTA in the upcoming Super Bowl or perhaps anywhere else for awhile now. There is also no actual evidence which the Fox Vice City recommendations were anything other than a fun thematic approach to make straightforward the Super Bowl was at Miami. As thrilling as Grand Theft Auto six news might appear, there is no reason to think any will be sent soon.

As with most games, an announcement is done eventually. Speculating is enjoyable, particularly with just how vivid the GTA speculation community is, though it is surely better to keep healthful anticipations about when Rockstar’s game that is next will show up. That’s saying, Rockstar is going to reveal Grand Theft Auto six when it is prepared.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently unannounced and unconfirmed.

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