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Corpse Husband Song E-GIRLS is Already A Big Hit on Spotify

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YouTube streamer Corpse Husband ‘s hit single “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!” is approaching a very impressive milestone on Spotify.

Corpse Husband Song

Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband

YouTube streamer Corpse Husband has acquired a lot of recognition in recent weeks with his Among Us gameplay. He has been already playing along with other best streamers like Disguised Toast, Pokimane, as well as Twitch streamer Sykkuno, and also has established quite a big following. Nevertheless, the streamer got the start of his with informing horror stories on YouTube and has now actually released music, that is getting a great deal of interest. Read Here

Corpse new Husband started streaming online games in September 2020 and presented a popular single “E GIRLS Are Ruining MY LIFE!” exactly the same month. Since that time, Corpse has racked in place more than 7 million members on YouTube, along with just recently the hit of his single has come to a remarkable milestone.


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As of this posting, “E GIRLS Actually are Ruining MY LIFE!” featuring hip hop artist Savage Ga1dolar1 p has more than eighty seven million streams on Spotify and it is on course to reach more than hundred million streams. Corpse Husband got the chance to post on Twitter how much the achievements of the song way to him since a lot of doubted him and also included a big thank you to his extremely supportive fans.

Support of the streamer right

Fans not too long ago showed their care and support of the streamer right after he was audibly fighting during a stream participating in Raft with Valkyrae and Sykkuno, and got off stream first. Fans flooded Twitter together with the hashtag #selfcareforcorpse, which the streamer responded to by way of a heartfelt message for the fans of his and also addressed the chronic illness of his. Corpse suffers from a selection of illnesses which may perhaps inhibit the ability of his to stream, though he continues to battle through and give entertaining music and content for the fans of his. Read More

Corpse Husband has demonstrated the doubters of his wrong with “E GIRLS Actually are Ruining MY LIFE!” approaching hundred million streams. The YouTube streamer has additionally been a component of many exciting events which includes actively playing Among Us with US Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as well as Ilhan Omar, and also has played with probably the most prominent YouTube streamers PewDiePie. Corpse has additionally been active in the OfflineTV Rust servers, that has featured fifty of the most visible streamers such as Myth, Shroud, Pokimane, and XqC.

Corpse Husbandd continues to have fans with equally his video game streams as well as music, and may have a really massive year in 2021. The YouTube streamer nonetheless plays Among Us and also just recently had JackBox Party Games with widely used Minecraft streamer Dream, and also YouTube streamer Karl Jacobs, who’s recognized for the affiliation of his with MrBeast. Corpse Husbandd also offers a music single designed in cooperation with music star Machine Gun Kelly, slated to come out sometime this season. For More Watch

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