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PSA: New Cyberpunk 1.1 patch introduces save-killing Down on the Street bug

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Cyberpunk 1.1 patch :A workaround exists, though it is no guarantee.

Cyberpunk 1.1 patch

Cyberpunk 1.1 patch
Cyberpunk 1.1 patch

The newest spot for Cyberpunk 2077 has created a bug which could possibly lead you to be not able to advance in the game. At the conclusion of the pursuit Down inside the street, the persona Goro Takemura calls the participant. Previous to 1.1 he simply would not name often, halting the game. Now Takemura is able to call the player and also just… not speak. And that is it.

Simply reloading an old save does not fix the issue, because the bug will reoccur. That means your will save from after the bug occurs are lost in terms of game progression. But there’s a fix in case you are fortunate enough to use a save from prior to the bug.


New Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.10 Out Now, Here’s What it Does

Cd Projekt assistance has a short-term fix, among others put up on forums. Here is the way it works: First, Load a don’t waste from before V as well as Takemura actually leave Wakako’s workplace. Once V finishes the chat with Takemura outside of the workplace along with the quest progression updates, instantly skip ahead twenty three hours. This could make the call and talk happen.

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.1 patch goes live with fixes and ‘stability improvements’

Cd Projekt says the spot is going to improve the game’s mind consumption and repair a selection of crash bugs. Read Here

Cyberpunk 1.1 patch
Cyberpunk 1.1 patch

The Cyberpunk 1.1 patch spot is currently on Gog and Steam, bringing a selection of other improvements, bug fixes, and stability improvements to the game. Read More

“In this update we concentrated on several stability improvements, which you are able to find reported within the spot notes below. We are going to continue this particular job in patch 1.2 plus other upcoming updates,” Cd Projekt believed in the spot announcement. “At the exact same time we’ll continue fixing the bugs you face and hearing the feedback of yours on how you can enhance the entire game experience.”

The update is available in at about 5.4GB on Steam, in addition to a light 1.1GB on GOG. Here is what it does, The Cyberpunk 2077 1.1 spot, that released on Friday, was usually composed of optimization and bugfixes. Notably, it fixed a previous bug together with the Down within the Street quest… but unveiled the one. For More Watch Click here

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