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Sheriff Mod Vs. 100 Player Mod: Which Among Us Game Is Better & Why

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Sheriff Mod Vs. 100 Player Mod

There are countless mods to choose from when playing Among Us, and fans continue making more. While InnerSloth’s hit social deduction game has a set list of rules, these mods can offer a fresh take on traditional gameplay. Perhaps because of this, mods for Among Us are increasingly popular. Two of the most popular mods are the Sheriff mod and the 100-Player mod, but which one is actually the most fun?

The Sheriff mod in Among Us allows one player to take on the role of Sherrif in each game. The Sheriff gets a Kill button, and must shoot the Impostor to win. Shooting the correct Impostor in Among Us can mean a quick win for crewmates. However, if the Sheriff shoots an innocent crewmate by mistake, then both players will die – which makes winning as an Impostor even easier. It’s a high-risk, high-reward role, and it’s a lot of fun.

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Meanwhile, the 100 Player mod in Among Us is just what it may sound like. This mod enables up to hundred individuals in the same lobby as well as game at a single time. It basically turns the game right into a battle royale style free-for-all, which is the reason it has become very popular. Playing Among Us with as much as hundred individuals can be a great deal of fun also, same with the Sheriff mod or maybe 100 Player mod really the best?

Is The Sheriff Mod Or 100-Player Mod The Best In Among Us?

Sheriff Mod Vs. 100 Player Mod: Which Among Us Game Is Better & Why
Sheriff Mod Vs. 100 Player Mod: Which Among Us Game Is Better & Why

Each mod comes with their very own pros and cons. The Sheriff mod for Among Us is wonderful, but games making use of it’ll always look very similar. The 100-Player Among Us mod has a lot of individuals that the games are constantly changing. At times, a wonderful team is able to make playing Among Us with hundred folks think truly fun, but quite often it only seems confusing and chaotic. It is able to also be stressful attempting to really get the lobby as big as hundred folks, based on the time of day time, and players are continuously dropping out early.

Maps in Among Us also were not intended for such a higher volume of players, that means gameplay may be crowded and a little jumpy. Ultimately, this’s why Among Us’ Sheriff mod is actually the much better of the 2. While both mods are actually enjoyable, the Sheriff mod is much more dependable in phrases of gameplay and will come with fewer frustrations. Until bigger maps suggested for bigger organizations of players are available to Among Us, the 100 Player mod simply does not function and it should – even though, it may move better in the upcoming Airship chart, so fans will need to wait and see.

Based on the current state of the game, as well as how each of the mods function, the Sheriff mod is definitely better than the 100-Player mod right now. More mods are being added to Among Us all the time, though, so better versions of these mods – or completely new ones that are even more fun – may come out eventually.

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