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Gorgeous Dragon Age 4 Setting Confirmed

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The official confirmation of Dragon Age 4 ‘s setting comes from an unexpected source, with other possible locations teased as well.

Dragon Age 4 Setting

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4

When it comes to Dragon Age four, BioWare has discussed valuable small about what fans are able to expect at the upcoming RPG. Dragon Age four teasers shown so far have established some returning companions along with little else, although right now fans know for sure where the game is set. As confirmed by the recently launched BioWare: Secrets and stories from twenty five Years of Game Development publication, Dragon Age four is put in Tevinter.

While fans have very long assumed that Dragon Age 4 ‘s environment will be Tevinter, that seems to be the very first official confirmation. It was spotted by Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, whom discovered the guide does not only verify Tevinter for Dragon Age four. Some Dragon Age four art in the book appears to claim that the game will offer some places outside Tevinter too, like Antiva City and also Nevarra.


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Other possible Dragon Age four locations discovered by the guide include expansive dwarven tunnel process referred to as Deep Roads. The Deep Roads happen to be heavily featured in previous Dragon Age video games, therefore the return of theirs in Dragon Age four really should come as no shock. And lastly, there’s art form of the Lords of Fortune, who’re form Rivain, hinting that location might be showcased in the brand new game as well, although it should be emphasized that merely Tevinter is established at time of the writing.

Consists of Varric

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4

Aside from the setting, Dragon Age 4 has confirmed a few going back figures by way of its teaser trailers as well as concept art. This consists of Varric, Dorian, Isabella, and also Solas the Dread Wolf. Their actual roles in Dragon Age four and just how greatly they’ll be showcased remains to be seen, though much more info can come to light as we get nearer to the game’s release day, whenever that could be. As it appears, so little was found of Dragon Age four that fans might still have many years to attend before they really get to enjoy the game. Read More

fans that are Many might not be amazed at all to find out of Dragon Age 4 ‘s area, as it had been greatly teased through the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Trespasser. All those which have yet to finish that DLC must be tired of SPOILERS, but basically, that DLC finishes together with the Inquisitor stabbing a dagger right into a map marked Tevinter Imperium, therefore longtime followers of the franchise have assumed for decades that the following game will be established in Tevinter.

Although Dragon Age 4 ‘s Tevinter environment might not be a surprise to followers, it is still good to get official confirmation. Whether or perhaps not the other places teased by the BioWare: Secrets and stories from twenty five Years of Game Development guide go to lighting is not clear, though fans must discover in the weeks and also years ahead.

Dragon Age 4 is in development.

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