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Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends: Round 5 Interim Results Released

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The interim results for Fire Emblem Heroes annual Choose Your Legends event show this year’s most popular in-game characters.

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends

Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem

Nintendo’s genuine Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter bank account has introduced the nterim results because of its yearly Choose Your Legends occurrence.

Fire Emblm Heroes is undertaking its annual vote to determine what 4 devices are going to get specific alternate variants. Any admirer with a Nintendo bank account is able to vote for their favorite Fire Emblm character. This’s the 5th yearly Choose Your Legends vote. The voting happens more than 7 days and fans are able to vote once every day, and the 2 hottest males and the 2 hottest females receive special units with alternative outfits.


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At present, the 2 top females are Eirika coming from Fire Emblm: The Sacred Stones and also Byleth coming from Fire Emblm: 3 Houses. The 2 males within the lead are Marth from incredibly well promoting Fire Emblm: The Blade and shadow Dragon of Light and Gatekeeper coming from Fire Emblem: 3 Houses.

Result of Fire Emblem

Marianne as a result of Fire Emblm: 3 Houses & Chrom coming from Fire Emblm Awakening are taking up third place in male brackets and the female respectively. This means that, in case they are able to gather far more votes, they still need a great possibility of attending among the winning spots. Although, with so many 3 Houses characters belonging in the seasonal events, still in case they do not win this vote, they will most likely get in at last. Read More

It is fascinating to see Gatekeeper doing really well. The Gatekeeper is a small, recurring NPC in Fire Emblm: 3 Houses. Even though, he has managed to be a fan favorite because of the positive attitude of his and helpful demeanor.

Needless to say, some people are unhappy to see meme persona The Gatekeeper enter over series protagonist, along with most impressive dad, Chrom. Chrom’s game, Fire Emblem Awakening, was a lot of individuals game that is first in the series, and also means lots to fans that are many.

Fire Emblem Heroes is out now on Android and iPhone.

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