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New Cyber Shadow Review Roundup

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The retro-inspired ninja-platformer Cyber Shadow is releasing tomorrow, and reviewers are already giving out their thoughts on the indie game.

Cyber Shadow
Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow Review Roundup

Because it had been initially announced in 2019, a lot of gamers are wanting to enjoy the 2D pixel platformer Cyber Shadow. The game is created by Mechanical Head Games, headed by Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker. After working on this particular passion project for quite a while, Hunziker teamed in place with Yacht Club Games, designers of the Shovel Knight sequence, to help you bring the game to audiences on several platforms.

For some gamers, Cyber Shadow currently resembles Ninja Gaiden, along with different Metroidvania type games. The developers were definitely inspired by a number of traditional action platformers and made an authentic retro styled game with a few contemporary touches. In this particular iteration, players limit the ninja Shadow, with his bot companion, L Gion, by way of a planet overtaken by the evil Dr. Progen. Players fight Dr. Progen’s man-made army as they attempt to save Shadow’s clan and also earn different power ups along the way.


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With the game releasing the next day, critics are already offering up the opinions of theirs on Cyber Shadow. Is the game challenging just for the benefit of difficulty? Does Cyber Shadow living around its predecessors? Here’s what critics must say:

Game Rant (Greysun Morales)

“Cyber Shadow isn’t a game for the weak of heart. Based on the player ‘s experience with video games this way, death may come often. For instance, someone dying aproximatelly 400 times in one playthrough is a lot likely in this particular game, and it’ll most likely happen to numerous players. Enemies are going to appear all over the display, with them capturing projectiles at players while the floor is electrified and surges are on the wall space. Cyber Shadow places players into several sticky situations, though it never feels impossible.”

Score: 4.5/5

Cyber Shadow
Cyber Shadow

“Cyber Shadow is a wonderful merging of old-school aesthetic and modern design sensibilities, much like Shovel Knight was back in 2014. Sure, its story is forgettable and some of its checkpoint placements are far enough apart to make me hesitant to apply a “tough but fair” label without caveats, but the way it evolves and changes over the course of its seven to eight hour campaign thanks to excellent level, enemy, and progression design is exemplary. Combine that with what’s an early contender for best soundtrack of 2021, and it’s easy to see Cyber Shadw as the start of something great for both Mechanical Head Studios and Yacht Club Games.”

Score: 8/10 (Great)

“After beating the game in just over 12 hours with still plenty more to explore and achieve, I can happily say that Cyber Shadow has done a stellar job at combining forces that represented the 8-bit era. The feel of the gameplay, the look and style of the visuals, the absurd plot and the wonderful soundtrack contributions of Enrique Martin and Jake Kaufman really does set the mood nicely…It’s no wonder why Yacht Club Games were so keen to have their name strapped to it.”

Score: 9/10

“I think what stands out most, though, is Cyber Shadow’s accessibility. I often steer clear of these retro platformers because they wear their difficulty like a badge of honor. This limits the playability of a game to anyone other than those looking for a hard experience. It is, of course, fine if that’s your thing, but with ninja platforming action having the appeal that it does, I’m glad that this game is challenging without being overly difficult. Cyber Shadw feels like a game for everyone, from hardened 8-bit veteran to genre newcomers.” Read Also

Score: 4.5/5

“When playing through it though, I sometimes felt the pang of fatigue in some sections of the game. Not every chapter is a winner, as a few repeat concepts established in earlier portions or don’t nail them as well as others…Cyber Shadw is a bit disjointed at times, but right when it’s chugging, it begins to crescendo and pick back up again. Despite the modern design concessions (which are within reason and don’t betray the core of the game) it’s not going to appeal to everyone, and that’s OK.”

Score: 7.5/10

Cyber Shadow
Cyber Shadow

“Arguably some of Cyber Shadow’s most significant challenges come in its instant death pitfalls. Lava, spikes, and other instakills cover levels. They may seem deceptively avoidable but add in noticeable kickback when hit by enemies, making platforming a lot more precarious…If you are up for a humblingly difficult but intensely fun 2D side scroller Cyber Shadow just maybe the challenge you’re looking for.”

Score: 9/10

“Additionally, the Cyber Shadow soundtrack might be one of the game’s greatest strengths, an infectious sequence of moody and dramatic chiptune loops that inspire players through the toughest encounters and boss retries. Anyone with a penchant for old-school 2D action, razor-sharp platforming, and, cyber ninjas in general will adore Cyber Shadw. It’s more self-serious than The Messenger but meets its devotion to the classics of yesteryear and aspiration to best them.” Read Here


“Cyber Shadow is derivative, yes, but it’s derivative in the best way possible. It not only hearkens back to many aspects of classic titles, but improves on them with better gameplay and carefully-considered modern-day sensibilities. Not only is Cyber Shadw a truly impressive accomplishment, but also quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played. Up until the very, very end, at least.”

Score: 9.5/10

“There’s a fine line between challenging games and frustrating ones, especially when you’re trying to pay homage to games that were released three decades ago. But with Cyber Shadw, Mechanical Head Games proves that with a few smart, modern twists, it’s possible to make a retro-style platformer with all the difficulty of the past, and few of the frustrations.”

The Game Awards

Cyber Shadow

With these reviews pulled here, it is safe to state that Cyber Shadow happens to be well received overall. While views differ on precisely how fair the trouble could be at times, most have mentioned that the game’s activity has a great experience on the whole. Surprisingly enough, several people mentioned that the boss fights are not as enjoyable as fighting standard enemies. In either case, the game appears to be a clean, contemporary take on classic platforming tropes. The soundtrack is definitely a standout, therefore it may not be a surprise to obtain Cyber Shadw’s composer, Enrique Martin, nominated for best Music and Score at the Game Awards. Read More

Cyber Shadw is now sitting at an eighty three on Metacritic for your Pc model, and has similar scores for other platforms. As more reviews are available in after the game’s discharge, it is going to be interesting to see when the game’s reception drastically improvements. At the very least, the wait is nearly over for fans that happen to be eyeing this game for some time. While the game may not satisfy every player, it is like lots of individuals now believe that Cyber Shadow. is a lot more than simply a Ninja Gaiden duplicate.

Cyber Shadow releases on January 26, 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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