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Apex Legends Confirms New Gold Loot Tier for Weapon Magazines in Season 8

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Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment announces that a new loot drop called Gold Magazines will arrive with the game’s Season 8 update.

Apex Legends in New Season

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

The next trailer for Apex Legends‘ future Season eight arrives in a few days. Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legend’ designer, mentioned it will premiere sometime on January twenty six, a week prior to the upgrade itself launches. The very first Apex Legend Season eight trailer offered a glimpse at several of the things the update will present, such as the new Apex Legend Fuse as well as the obliterated Kings Canyon chart. The upcoming next trailer is going to show these strategies in action.

In addition to that, the next trailer will showcase principles which did not appear in the very first Apex Legend Season eight trailer, along with Respawn Entertainment just revealed at least one. It is a brand new loot drop named Gold Magazines, and also as its title implies it is going to offer a distinctive twist to the way players reload the weapons of theirs. Unlike regular ammo pickups, Gold Magazines will right away reload their holder’s holstered tool.

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The concept of an instant weapon reloader concerned several Apex Legend followers when they learned about it, therefore Respawn game custom Daniel Klein provided a number of details about how the new loot drop is currently healthy. First of all, the reload will not be instantaneous. The goal of the loot drop is making it therefore players come with a motivation to transition forth and back in between weapons, not cheat the reload process. When a Gold Mag reloads a weapon, it is going to inform players with a sound cue.

Getting a glimpse

Apex Legends

Fans are going to be capable of getting a glimpse at exactly how Gold Magazines go when the 2nd Apex Legends Season eight trailer drops on January twenty six. It will not be firsthand experience, though a visual showcase is most likely better compared to a description through text. No matter, even if Golden Magazines do wind up being overpowered, Klein reassures followers in the statement of his that Respawn can still improve the delay it’s prior to reloading a weapon.

It will be good to find out whether Respawn has any other unexpected situations in deep store in the event it emits the new trailer, but since it appears right now said trailer is currently jam packed. Respawn has much more than simply a glimpse in the Gold Magazines, destroyed Kings Canyon, and also Fuse. It’ll in addition be discussing a brand new weapon (the lever action 30 30 Repeater rifle), a new world called Salvo, and patch notes detailing several of the modifications originating together with Season eight. Season eight does arrive 2 times before Apex Legend’ next anniversary, so perhaps the trailer will also reveal far more methods Respawn programs to celebrate it.

Apex Legends is on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and has a Switch version in development.

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