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5 most underrated Free Fire characters in January 2021

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5 most underrated Free Fire characters

Free Fire is presently one of the most famous titles in the planet. The game has garnered 500 zillion downloads on the Google Play Store. The inclusion of several figures with special capabilities is the thing that sets it apart from various other titles.

You will find a total of thirty five characters in Fire that is Free, and 5 10 of them are actually uber famous and worn by players globally. Nevertheless, which doesn’t imply that the majority of the characters are actually any less.

This article lists down some of the most underestimated characters of Free Fire.

Top 5 underrated Free Fire characters in 2021

#1 – Kelly “the Swift”

Kelly "the Swift" in Free Fire
Kelly “the Swift” in Free Fire

Kelly was recently reintroduced with a much more powerful and upgraded version of herself called Kelly “the Swift.”

This upgraded version has a passive ability called Deadly Velocity, which is activated after seven seconds of sprinting. Using this ability, the first one-shot on the target inflicts damage of 110% and lasts for five seconds.

This is a great aggressive ability that can compete with popular characters like DJ Alok and K.

#2 – Kapella

Kapella in Free Fire
Kapella in Free Fire

Kapella’s ability increases the effects of healing items and skills by 10% and reduces the ally HP loss when it is down by 20%.

Kapella has a great ability and can easily compete with DJ Alok or K’s healing capabilities on the ground. She is one of the most powerful female characters in Free Fire.

#3 – Steffie

Steffie in Free Fire
Steffie in Free Fire

At her initial level 1 ability, Steffie can create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for five seconds.

This is perfect for passive as well as aggressive players as it provides them with a great and instant defensive mechanism that saves them from damage for a couple of seconds.

#4 – Shani

Shani in Free Fire
Shani in Free Fire

Shani restores 10 armor durability after every kill, and an extra durability can upgrade the armor up to level 3. A level 3 vest or a vest with high durability comes in handy for defending the player’s HP loss during combat.

#5 – Alvaro

Alvaro in Free Fire
Alvaro in Free Fire

Alvaro has a great ability that can break any defense and shelter of the opponent. He has a great ability called the Art of Demolition, which increases the explosive weapon damage by 6% and also boosts the damage range area by 7% at the initial level.

The proper usage of grenade throwing tactics can make him one of the most strong characters in Free Fire.

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