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nCore Games’ FAU-G mobile gameplay revealed

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FAU-G has finally been released after much anticipation (Image via Google Play Store)
FAU-G has finally been released after much anticipation 

FAU-G mobile gameplay revealed

The highly-anticipated game, FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards, is finally out on Google Play Store.

The developers of the game, nCore games, confirmed the release via a tweet that reads:

“Fight for your country. Protect our flag. Action game FAU G takes you to the frontlines and beyond! Start your mission today. Jai Hind!”

nCore Games’ FAU-G mobile gameplay

Game modes

Game modes
Game modes

Players can find three different types of game modes in FAU G – Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free For All.

However, only the Campaign mode is available at the moment. The other two modes will be added soon.

Weapons and FAU-G

Weapons and FAU-G
Weapons and FAU G

Within the loadout section, players are going to find 3 unique weapons – Club, Pipe and Axe. Skins for these weapons could be purchased.

Players can also choose the FAU G soldier they wish to show up as.



As mentioned above, only the Campaign mode is currently available in FAU G. The game describes the campaign as the Tales of the Galwan Valley.

Players have to fight their way through the Galwan Valley using weapons. The game features a brawler mechanism and does not have any firearms right now.

Players have to complete the required objectives within the time limit, and there are several checkpoints in between. They can rest near the fireplace to regenerate their health.

Players can check out the following video to have a look at the exact gameplay and graphics of FAU-G:

In-game currencies and Honor Road

Honor Road
Honor Road

There are two in-game currencies in FAU-G that can be utilized to acquire a wide variety of items. As previously speculated, the game also has a unique system called Honor Road, which rewards players for reaching certain tiers.

Graphics and other in-game settings

Settings tab
Settings tab

In the settings tab, players can alter the Audio, Graphics and Sensitivity settings. FAU-G has six different options for the graphics:

  • Very Low
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Very High
  • Ultra

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