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PUBG Tournament Exclusive Format & Rules

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Our biggest tournament ever, the PUBG Tournament Global Invitational .S , is just two weeks away!

32 teams from around the globe will battle week over week to claim as much prize money as they can! Let’s take a look at the tournament and rules for PGI.S 2021.

PUBG Tournament Structure

First off, starting with PGI.S, we’re adopting a new ruleset for PUBG Tournament Esports. All PUBG esports will have identical bluezone settings to PUBG Ranked matches!

We will continue to monitor and review the new rule set with the aim to gradually combine PGI.S esports and Ranked matches into identical rule sets.

PUBG Tournament
PUBG Tournament

Rank Decision

Starting on February 5th, before the main tournament starts, teams will battle it out in 24 deciding matches across 3 days. The results of these matches will split our 32 teams into 4 different groups and decide their placement order for the first set of Weekly Survival matches. The Top 16 and Bottom 16 teams from this decision are important – more on that in a bit.


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Weekly Series

The meat of PUBG Tournament are 6 different Weekly Series where teams battle for placement and prize money. These consist of the Weekly Survival matches held during the week and the Weekly Finals matches held on the weekend.

Unlike our previous tournaments, teams earn prize money each week and the team with the most at the end of the tournament is crowned the winner.

Weekly Survival

Let’s go over Weekly Survival first.

Weekly Survival matches are 16 matches played over the course of 3 days during the week. The object here is pretty simple, 16 teams fight to the last team standing. The team who brings home the Chicken Dinner moves on to the Weekly Final. The remaining 15 teams are joined by the next team on the Bottom 16 waiting list and another match begins. This goes on until 16 teams qualify for the Weekly Finals. Read Here

The first 8 teams to win a Survival Match each week also win some prize money, with more money given the sooner you win.

Weekly Finals

The 16 qualifying teams from the Weekly Survival matches then compete in a 10 match tournament over the weekend. This tournament follows traditional PUBG Esports tournament structure and the top teams bring home an even bigger amount of prize money, which increases week over week.

These 16 teams become the first teams to play in next week’s Weekly Survival matches and the Bottom 16 compete in another set of placement matches to determine their position on the waiting list. These placement matches happen on Saturdays before the main tournament starts.

*Bottom 16 placement matches are not broadcasted. You can find the placement results from your region’s official PUBG esports social channels!

Prize Pool

PUBG Tournament
PUBG Tournament

PGI.S offers teams plenty of opportunities to earn prize money throughout the tournament. In fact, there’s a whopping $3.5 million available to be earned! The team who collects the most prize money over the course of the tournament will be declared the 2021 PGI.S Champion.

Total prize pool of $3.5 million includes the minimum guarantee of approx. $1 million to benefit all participating teams. For more

Here are the ways teams can earn prize money once again:

Weekly Survival:

PUBG Tournament
PUBG Tournament

The first 8 teams to win a Chicken Dinner during each week’s Weekly Survival win prize money. Prize money earned decreases each game, so winning early earns you more!

Weekly Finals:

PUBG Tournament
PUBG Tournament

The TOP 4 Teams at the end of the Weekly Finals earn prize money according to their rank. Total prize pool of each Weekly Finals tournament increases week over week starting from $50,000 during the first week, up to an astounding $1 million during the final week! Read Also

This format allows teams plenty of time to win some prize money and plenty of ways to come back if their early performance wasn’t great. We hope it makes for an exciting tournament!

PGI.S Item sales profits

We’re giving teams 30% of the profits earned from the sale of PGI.S gear in the store. This money doesn’t count towards the overall winner, but will be distributed to teams based on how much prize money they won during the tournament. Pick up some cool PGI.S gear, get some voting coupons for the Pick’em Challenge, and support your favorite teams in the process!

How much prize money will your favorite team take home? Find out when the 2021 PUBG Global Invitational .S begins in February! We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds! Click here for more watch

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