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PUBG Mobile star Law joins Influence Rage Esports

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PUBG Mobile star Law joins Influence Rage Esports
PUBG Mobile star Law joins Influence Rage Esports

PUBG Mobile star Law joins Influence Rage Esports

With the 2020 PUBG Mobile esports season over, it’s time to reshuffle and reorganize players and gear up for the new season. The 2021 season starts with the PUBG Mobile Club Open across various regions.

The latest transfer came from the South American region, where star Brazilian PUBG Mobile player Enzo Ferraz “Law” Nakamura joined Influence Rage.

In an Instagram post, Team Influence Rage welcomed Law into their team a they look to pursue their goals this season successfully and hoped the partnership would be long and victorious.

Law, who was earlier a part of Alpha 7 Esports, played the role of IGL for them. Along with his team, he competed in the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Finals.

Law will play a major role for Influence Rage at upcoming PUBG Mobile tournaments

Although A7 did not perform well in the competition, finishing ninth amid the sixteen teams, Law carried out exceptionally and also shined, with thirty nine kills and a complete damage of 8585.

Team Influence Rage, a company created in February 2019, could be happy to choose such a player. Their team pretty much appears stacked, with the latest pick up of players as Michael “Dadin” Barboza, Caio “Caiowski” Caldatto, and also Kauan “Federal” Milagres.

Interestingly, Caiowski and Federal were banned from competitive play until July 10th due to their dramatic protest at the PMGC 2020: League Stages while playing for Loops Esports.

Along with their then-teammate Bryan “Golden” Lima, the duo surrendered and refused to compete in the final match to show solidarity towards their leader, Dadin, who was earlier removed from the team for reasons unknown.

In their absence, it would be up to the two remaining players,

Gabriel Garcia “NTX” de Lima Neto and Gabriel “Becker” Engraf Becker, to carry the reins of Influence Rage under the careful guidance of experienced players like Dadin and Law.

It would be interesting to see how the team performs in the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile esports, as the hopes of many fans and fellow players rest on their shoulders.

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