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A visual effects artist launches a Halo-inspired mini-series with custom CGI animations that follows one Spartan throughout their adventure.

Halo Fans


While many Game fans were patiently awaiting 343 Industries to cover up improvement on Halo Infinite, others are producing brand new content to fill up the gap. A fan in particular has started producing their own, custom mini-series which follows a brand new Spartan on a mission checking out a busted ship sometime before the incidents of Game Infinite.

Normally, machinima would not be something new to YouTube, particularly in the situation of Game which is to blame for a great level of this particular content type over the years. The real difference in this particular situation is the fact that the content creator moving by Game VFX is an obvious effects artist that’s creating these CGI animations from zero, instead of borrowing animations or assets from the game.


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Titled “Operation: Charity Falls,” the mini-series follows a lone Spartan on a quest to investigate the High Charity and access a Covenant artifact that’s supposedly on the ship of theirs. As this particular unnamed Spartan queries, they locate some creepy corridors, as a person would expect to get in a crashed shipped that’s allegedly devoid of life. Nevertheless, to contribute into the suspense, as well as ultimately slip in some action packed scenes, it looks like the traditional Game enemy the Flood continues to grow while the ship was otherwise abandoned.

The mini-series

Up to now, the first 2 episodes of the mini-series are offered to view on YouTube, each one ranging between 1 as well as 2 minutes of quality animation inspired through the Game series. A teaser for a final episode is available on Game VFX’s YouTube channel, that kicks from the action since the Spartan first operates in to the hoard of Flood which have slowly taken during a High Charity. From what has been shown off so much, the mini series is a stressed, cinematic adventure in the Game universe, still in case it’s a non canon experience. Read Also

As much as new content coming to YouTube goes, Game happens to be a strong sequence for viewers, typically with machinima and gameplay footage having dominate the wedge at a single period. Game VFX certainly has a market on the website, whether or not the algorithm is not always kind to these kinds of short form narratives. Nevertheless, followers of the Halo series may still be interested and discovering this concealed gem on the platform and supporting the obvious effects artist as they carry on and provide much more of these brief, tense episodes.

Halo Infinite is set to release fall 2021 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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