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The Division 2 And Resident Evil Crossover Is Live Today, Exclusive

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STARS helicopters are dropping RPD into Washington DC and New York City tomorrow while Hunk… broods?

The Division 2 And Resident Evil

The Division 2
The Division 2

Just over 7 days before, the Division 2 and also Resident Evil crossover occurrence was announced with teases of weapons, skins, items, and far more being unveiled. The one thing known at the moment was that Leon Kennedy’s RPD uniform will be turning up for every that logged within, but these days, a lot more has spilled with Ubisoft’s trailer.

Raccoon City is delivering “their best as well as brightest to reply to the phone call in New York City,” and d.c. together with the RPD uniform in the all set for players to liven up & participate in the portion, while Jill Valentine’s legendary getup is being included.


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The brand new outfits could be unlocked with apparel secrets and there will also be 7 back trophies and 4 spots themed around Resident Evil. Daily tasks is replaced by Stars Assault and Support projects – one each day – and every will reward 2 spots or even trophies.

The trailer concludes

The trailer concludes with the radiant red eyed Hunk walking out of the smoke as well as flames, gun in hands, completely ready to go. He feels right in your own home in Division 2 with his army getup as well as gas mask, really featuring a Division 2 patch on the right arm of his.

That is not every thing that is visiting The Division 2 tomorrow, nonetheless, since the Optimization Station modifications will probably be coming out there together with the survival horror icons. Expenses will go down by seventy five % while material crafting dishes is decreased by fifty %. And, on the topic of optimization, the next gen component of the update is coming the next day also, bringing 4k as well as 60FPS to the PlayStation five and also Xbox Series X.

All of it kicks off the next day on February 2 and it operates appropriate through to February 15, in two weeks. Log-in at anytime getting Kennedy’s RPD outfit, and also participate in each day for all the trophies & badges , See Here For More

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