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Konami Didn’t Ask for Silent Hill Game Composer’s Project Tease to be Removed

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Following the removal of a video interview where Silent Hill Game composer Akira Yamaoka teased an upcoming project, Konami denies it was involved.

Silent Hill Game
Silent Hill Game

Silent Hill Game

The Silent Hill Game series is dormant for a while today, with the final major game in the collection actually being 2012’s Game Hill: Downpour. Unfortunately, following Akira Yamaoka’s capability Game Hill tease was yanked from YouTube recently, the series’ potential appears actually foggier than it previously was.

The tease arrived from a job interview with Yamaoka, where he alluded to a task announcement in summer time 2021 that Game Hill followers have been wanting to hear about. Today, Konami has arrived out and also denied it’d some involvement with pulling the interview as well as tease from YouTube, contributing to the confusion that involve the whole situation.


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For people who might have skipped the situation when it initially smashed, Yamaoka was interviewed through the YouTube channel Al Hub regarding the work of his on the Medium for the Xbox Series X as well as PC. During Al Hub’s job interview with Yamaoka, the Game Hill composer teased an announcement with sufficient vagueness regarding not offer any specifics on the task at bay. Nevertheless, online speculation erupted, with numerous assuming Yamaoka was talking about something regarding the Game Hill series due to the history of his with the IP. Shortly after, the job interview was pulled from YouTube entirely.

Now, Game Hill publisher Konami makes an official comment on the condition through Video Game Chronicle, stating, “Konami didn’t ask Al Hub to remove the interview.” Al Hub hasn’t clarified exactly who asked the channel to eliminate the clip, resulting in a wave of speculation across the web. Many speculated the removal of the job interview had to be associated with the Game Hill PS5 drip, though the leak clearly says that Konami was searching for a developer to manage the home. As a result, many initially assumed Konami was the 1 to blame for the video clip being eliminated, but that does not appear to be the situation at all.

An interesting conundrum

Silent Hill Game
Silent Hill Game

It is an interesting conundrum which can make the entire situation even more perplexing. For instance, if Konami was not behind the video being pulled, then there is a good possibility the tease had absolutely nothing to carry out with Game Hill whatsoever. Though, there is additionally the chance that Yamaoka’s tease was about Game Hill, but Konami isn’t associated with the upcoming project. Various rumors have created the rounds professing Hideo Kojima is building Silent Hills for any PS5, which could probably suggest Konami is not associated with the task contemplating its fallout with Kojima.

If that is the situation, it may be likely that Sony requested the employment interview to be pulled to maintain the show of the rumored name a surprise. We do understand that Silent Game immediate Keiichiro Toyama a short while ago remaining Sony to develop his studio, lending a few credence to rumors hinting Sony’s participation within Silent Hill on PS5. Of program, this’s all yet speculation and thus shouldn’t be considered as definitive info. At the really least, it appears like Konami wasn’t associated with removing the tease, which means the company wasn’t concerned about Yamaoka’s comments. Hopefully, Silent Hill Game followers are going to get some kind of closure on this unusual situation when summer time 2021 comes around.

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