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Resident Evil Fan Makes Chart Showing Series’ Tallest Villains Compared to Lady Dimitrescu

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A Resident Evil fan creates a chart that compares Game Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu to other villains from the franchise’s history.

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Resident Evil
Resident Evil

Ever since her expose, Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitrescu is turning heads. The character ‘s vicious personality and incredible height makes her a fan favourite properly prior to the Game Evil Village launch day, with the character probably featured predominantly in fan art form, cosplays, and much more. But while Lady Dimitrescu has become a great deal of interest for her amazing level in Game Evil Village, she’s far from probably the tallest bad guy in the franchise.

Game Evil fan 07 Pandoras Box produced a chart evaluating Lady Dimitrescu to several of another villains in Game Evil record, utilizing 5 ’11” Leon S. Kennedy to offer fans an idea of just how big these being are in comparison with regular sized humans. The chart has several of the most familiar monsters in Game Evil record, like Mr. X from Game Evil two, who’s reportedly seven foot high, and also Nemesis from Resident Evil three, who’s 8 ‘0″.


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At 9 ‘6″, Lady Dimitrescu is considerably taller compared to Mr. X as well as Nemesis, plus she has the height advantage in comparison with Morpheus through the Game Evil spin off game Dead Aim. She is actually taller compared to T 002 Tyrant, the last boss from the first Game Evil game. Despite her extraordinary level, although, Lady Dimitrescu is outmatched by a few of additional villains within the chart.

The thirteen Tyrant

Resident Evil

Thanatos from Game Evil spin off game Resident Evil: Outbreak is considerably taller compared to Lady Dimitrescu during 12 ‘0″. And also the thirteen Tyrant coming from the Game Evil: Damnation CG movie is much considerably substantial, positioned at a shocking 14 ‘1″. We have seen additional creatures which are a lot more significant compared to the people featured below, just like the trolls from Game Evil four or maybe Jack’s mutation from Game Evil seven, though the chart appears to choose humanoid wildlife.

The majority of the Game Evil monsters showcased about the chart had been “one and done” creatures, appearing in a single movie or game before they had been murdered by the heroes. Thinking about the acceptance of Lady Dimitrescu, it is going to be good to find out in the event that she expires throughout the incidents of Game Evil Village, or perhaps if Capcom figures out a method to take the back of her for coming entries within the franchise. She is very easily the most favored Game Evil villain as well as her game is not actually available yet, so which will be interesting to see for certain.

Fans are going to find out a great deal more about Lady Dimitrescu’s fate within a number of months time. The Game Evil Village discharge day is in first May, and so fans will get to see what happens sooner instead of later on.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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