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Call of Duty Mobile Devs Respond To Prestige and Level Cap Concerns

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Call of Duty Mobile fans that have issues with the game’s low level cap are in luck, as TiMi studios addresses the concerns directly.

Call of Duty Mobile Game

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has established a good reputation as a completely supported and well made CoD game which may be played along the go, with completely new content being added frequently. Yet another power of the game continues to be just how receptive TiMi Studios is by using the Game of Duty Mobile fanbase, continuously dealing with requests and feedback.

TiMi Studios mingling with fans was observed since Game of Duty Mobile released, with many Reddit comments being straight replied to over the previous 12 months. Whether it had been players asking concerning Diamond camo or perhaps if a particular scorestreak is added, TiMi Studios has consistently given a response. As a result, it’s rarely a surprise that current complaints about leveling and a lack of prestige received a result too.


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With Game of Duty Mobile putting in brand new modes and maps on the game regularly, it makes good sense that players will want leveling up more as they participate in this brand new content. While camo grinding is a good incentive, many Game of Duty games incorporate the process with profile leveling, as status setting continues to be a constant in almost all key releases in addition to Game of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. Thankfully, players have a cause being optimistic about the characteristic gradually visiting Game of Duty Mobile, as TiMi Studios is “very a lot of aware” on the status setting demands.

The newest developer

Call of Duty Mobile

The newest developer update sees the problem addressed via the own section of its, and while TiMi Studios has considered characteristics as the Gunsmith being a primary source of progression of the game, it does find the need for even more ranks linked with the “main profile amount system.” While various, unshared techniques of extending the cap have been viewed at this time, there’s absolutely nothing to share at the second – though it seems like players are able to expect even more leveling choices sometime in the future.

Players of the game

With players approving of Game of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ‘s status process, as modifying emblems as well as extra benefits launched a welcome return within the game, it remains being seen whether TiMi Studios will carry out in Treyarch’s track. Something more traditional to the existing system might show up, or maybe prestige might not be added at all – with increased levels simply being added onto the present matter. With the present cap of 150 becoming a hit by nearly all established players, although, it makes good sense that more requests will be coming in for new levels.

Though fans are going to have to hold back until a future time of year of Game of Duty Mobile for much more development choices, realizing that they might at last be coming on the game remains thrilling. If TiMi Studios’ earlier choices with Game of Duty Mobile are something going by, whatever modifications exist is the best blades for both game along with its community.

Call of Duty Mobile exists today on Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

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