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Valheim : How to get stone quickly

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How to get stone quickly In Valheim
How to get stone quickly In Valheim
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How to get stone quickly In Valheim

Stones are one of the most important resources in Valheim. They allow players to craft a stone axe, which is an essential in-game item.

In order to harvest and collect stones in Valheim, it is extremely important for players to have an antler pickaxe equipped. To build the antler pickaxe, players will need to perform two tasks.

  • Players will need to upgrade their in-game workbench to level two; and
  • Players will need to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss in game, to collect the hard antler.

Once players have performed both tasks, they can craft the antler pickaxe on their workbench. To craft the antler pickaxe in Valheim, players need:

  • 10 pieces of wood; and
  • one piece of hard antler (obtained from Eikthyr).

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Harvesting stone in Valheim

To harvest stones in the game :

  • players will have to destroy chunks of stones that can be found across the Viking-themed realm,
  • or be lucky enough to receive pieces of stone after defeating Greydwarf enemies.

Players are able to get ten parts of stone each time they slay a Greydwarf creature. Greydwarf creatures do not begin spawning until players have slain Eikthyr, the very first boss in the gameplay.

When players have defeated the first boss inside it, they are able to farm stones by beating Greydwarf wildlife within the Black Forest biome.

The antler pickaxe is going to allow players to strike and break stones which may be discovered across the chart of Valheim. Incorporating these strategies are going to allow players to farm stone information very rapidly in it . Stones are very significant materials for crafting the stone axe.

The stone axe enables players to chop lower Beech, Fir, as well as Pine trees to pick core wood in the game. The antler pickaxe which players craft to farm stones could be more upgraded right into a bronze pickaxe to pick iron ores within it.

Valheim has managed to take the entire gaming community by storm within the first two weeks of its early access release.

The developers at Iron Gate AB have done well to win the trust of the gaming community. There have been three early patches to optimize the game according to the players’ requirements.

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