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Dying Light 2 Developer Techland Insists It’s Independent After Acquisition Rumors

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Amidst growing rumors of a Techland acquisition, the developer of Dying Light 2 reassures fans that its independence is still intact.

Dying Light 2 Developer

Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

Big creator studio acquisitions are all of the rage at the second, with Microsoft ‘s acquisition of Bethesda truly kicking things off. Ever since that time, followers have run unrestrained with speculation regarding what studio Microsoft will acquire next, who Sony can acquire as a counter, as well as the like. While many of this’s in fun that is good, it seems one rumor got just a little out of hands and prompted a result from developer Techland.

The inventor of Dying Light 2 two, Techland has been already rumored to have been acquired by Microsoft, but inside a tweet published right before Valentine’s Day, the creator close that idea down.
Techland is best known for Game Light, a title which is currently part of a franchise because of the presently constant advancement of a sequel inside Game Light two. Although this may be its most familiar home today, Techland has been developing and releasing online games since the 1990s, like titles like Dead FIM and Island Speedway Grand Prix fifteen.

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Techland Provides Dying Light 2 Development Update

Community Manager

It is unclear where these rumors began, though the speed at that they spread was undeniable. In the tweet of its, Techland’s Community Manager uncovers they have been getting many DMs regarding the acquisition rumors, but moves on to refute them outright. In words that are simple, the tweet describes that “Techland is an unbiased studio and this wasn’t acquired by another publisher.” Of course , this does not name drop Microsoft especially, but confirms that not one other publisher has acquired Techland also. For the moment actually being, freedom appears to be a high priority for Game Light 2 ‘s creator.

Dying Light 2

Particular speculation

Naturally, this does not mean that particular speculation has died off totally. This kind of outright denial helps you to quell rumors to some extent, but there’ll remain the ones that cling on on the concept. Some posit that Techland would not be able to say something in public about acquisition in case it was not finalized yet, though it still appears improbable that its Community Manager will lie straight to the community. It is additionally theoretically feasible that this particular tweet is correct at the second, but will not be following the acquisition is finalized.

Because of the unusual beginnings of the fact and this rumor which Techland denied it publicly, it is a safe option to keep this behind for now. Game Light two is currently struggling with development as it’s, with many delays brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic environment it to an unknown date. With any success, fans are going to hear about an official release day when Techland reveals much more information about Game Light two.

Dying Light 2 is in development for Pc, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and also Xbox Series X.

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