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Fortnite Champion Series format

Fortnite Champion
Fortnite Champion
Fortnite Champion
Tucked away at the beginning of Fortnite Season 5, Epic announced a number of format changes for competitive The Game that will likely affect the way the Fortnite Champion.

The most significant change for the Game Champion Series is that participants are no longer allowed to continue to compete after they’ve already qualified for later rounds. This means that competitors won’t have to play against those who have already qualified – a change which brings both positives and negatives to the competition.

Fortnite Champion Series changes will let more players compete

The largest distinction between this Game Champion Series and last ones, is actually that skilled competitors will not have to be worried about running directly into world class players that have previously qualified in the games of theirs.

On the camera hand, what this means is that players do not have to be concerned about having the attempts of theirs at qualification squashed by a participant that has absolutely nothing to get by participating.

Because the already-qualified players had nothing to gain, or lose, their participation created an element of randomness in their games. While most players can expect the other players to play a certain way, an already-qualified player might choose to dive into someone’s box and deal as much damage as possible, knowing that if they get eliminated in the process, it doesn’t matter that much.

Now, hopeful competitors will know that everyone in their games is each eligible for the same goal, and each equally dedicated to winning.

But it’s not all upsides

It’s rare for a change to be entirely good or entirely bad, and most results lie somewhere in the middle. While this change will help hopeful competitors in the Game Champion Series, it has the downside of significantly altering the competitive landscape within their qualifiers. By effectively removing the best players from future competition, later qualifiers will have earned their spot in a less difficult environment.

Hopefully this will not be that great of a difference, and much more information with regards to this ought to come out inside a week following the following qualifier. Nevertheless, without having an opportunity to prove themselves from the very best of the very best, it is very likely that people who qualify in the third and second qualifier will have an entirely different amount of expectations from students that qualified in the very first one.

Without having the information, it is difficult to say for certain if this is the situation, but anyone wanting to qualify in eventually qualifiers should absolutely be sure to put in some more hours of education for the Fortnite Champion Series. There’s no such problem as moving straight into the finals overprepared.


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