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PUBG Mobile Season 17
PUBG Mobile Season 17

ُُEarning in PUBG Mobile Season 17

PUBG Mobile Season 17 could well be the greatest Battle Royale game right now on the industry. The crux of this particular game is actually getting rid of all enemies and surviving until the end. To create it much more fascinating, designers reward the players after several specific achievements.

Medals are awarded to the player after achieving a milestone. There are 360 different types of medals in the game. A player can earn this medal by completing specific tasks.

PUBG Mobile Season 17

5 easiest medals to earn in PUBG Mobile:

1- Fully Armed

PUBG Mobile Season 17

A player has to pick up all of the gun attachments like’ Muzzle,” Stock,” Magazine,” Scope’ and’ Forengrip’ within an one-time fit to make this particular medal. One may accomplish this very easily. The player has to play a traditional fit, find the things, and choose those up to generate this particular medal. Additionally they come with ten achievement points.

2- Suit Up

PUBG Mobile Season 17

The player must equip all 3 helmets, vest, along with backpack amounts in an one-time match to make this particular medal. Players can also make this particular medal by searching for the things in a traditional match. Additionally they get twenty achievement points after finishing this mission.

3- Perseverance

PUBG Mobile Season 17

The player needs to log into PUBG Mobile for 60 consecutive days to earn this medal. The player will get a total of 100 achievement points after completing the task.

4- Lots of Friends

PUBG Mobile Season 17

One can earn a medal while playing with friends. A player needs to establish 16 connections with friends to obtain the reward.

5- Enlisted

To earn this medal, the player needs to join a clan in PUBG Mobile Season 17 . One can earn 10 achievement points with this. Joining a clan also opens up the chance of achieving other medals as well.


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