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Rumors suggesting a WandaVision collaboration with Fortnite have gathered pace after new leaked revelations suggest the same.

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There has been no shortage of collaborations with Fortnite, especially during recent seasons. The standout collaboration of all has to be the one with Marvel, which saw multiple superheroes from the comic series find their way onto The Game island.

Nevertheless, since Galactus came out at the conclusion on the Nexus Wars, The Game went via numerous collaborations. From PlayStation’s Kratos to Xbox’s Master Chief, the collaborations have resulted in a scenario where a lot of players believe The Game is lacking in original content.

Nevertheless, based on the newest The Game leaking, the game might be set engaging in a number of collaborations shortly. Fan theories regarding these leakages have actually gone on to recommend the certainty of a WandaVision collab found The Game.


Fortnite x WandaVision might be the next collaboration.

Based on the leaks which have surfaced regarding the upcoming figures within The Game, the game is actually set to receive 2 new hunters and one additional character. Nevertheless, there continues to be no concrete evidence about the identity of these 3 characters.

However, fan theories and speculations cannot seem to stop suggesting a WandaVision collaboration with The Game. Despite all the community’s cries and rumors, the appearance of either Wanda Maximoff or Vision from the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains somewhat unbelievable.

This is because the previous collaboration that The Game had with Marvel was entirely canonical and had references to the comic book universe. Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows its own storylines and costumes, the appearance of references from the TV series does not seem very plausible.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented some fans from making requests and predictions regarding the leaked information. After the massive success of WandaVision’s first six episodes, Epic Games could very well be looking to cash-in on another trending topic to boost the popularity of The Game.

However, there has been no official communication regarding this matter from either Epic Games or Marvel. This leaves the entire community in an agonizing wait to see who the upcoming characters and hunters will be in Fortnite.


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