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One of FaZe Clan’s the majority of well-liked Fortnite players, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, has skipped out there on qualification within the Fortnite Championship Series by only one point. Mongrall was regrettable to have the game be shut off from the server.

FaZe Mongraal and team miss Fortnite Championship Series qualification by just 1 point

The 16-year-old pro gamer is now probably the most celebrated youngsters within the Fortnite arena. He’s played at probably the highest amount of competitive Fortnite and possesses cemented himself as a pressure being reckoned with.

Fortnite Championship
Fortnite Championship

The British prodigy moved into the FNCS appearing extremely comfy as the match up entered its ultimate segments. Nevertheless, an unexpected disconnection placed an end to the trip that he as well as his teammates had embarked on.

FaZe Mongraal was joined by Quinten and Mitr0. The latter’s early exit meant that Mongraal and Quinten had an uphill task.

FaZe Mongraal’s disconnection from the server stopped the trio from having a shot at the Fortnite championship.

“I just got disconnected, no! It’s over. I just got disconnected. Continue [playing] – oh my god. No, no, this game doesn’t want us to qualify.”


Just before Mongraal got disconnected, the trio needed three points to qualify for the next round.

Fortnite Championship

Losing by just 1 point made the disconnection even more upsetting. The trio was performing well and was entering into the last few circles.

Quinten expressed his anger via a Twitter post and stated that he might not play the game ever again.

While the frustration is understandable, it won’t be surprising to see the trio participating in more tournaments.

The finals of the Fortnite Championship Series will take place from March 12th to 14th. The winners will take home an astounding $20,000,000 compared to $17,000,000 in 2020.


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