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PUBG Mobile Season 17 :How to win matches in new Power Armor mode in It

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 is actually within full throttle, and also players cannot get enough of all of the joy and fun that the brand new season has brought to. Along with a few major in game adjustments, PUBG Mobile brought inside the Runic Power occasion and also the Power Armor function to increase the gameplay experience’s thrill.

Nevertheless, many players continue to be confused about the brand new Power Armor mode released in the EvoGround aisle on February 5th. It’s really unclear to a lot of players exactly how to win a match or even enjoy the Power Armor mode effectively to help you succeed in the game.

This specific report shares some points about utilizing the Power Armor function.

Top 5 tips to win the Power Armor mode in PUBG Mobile Season 17

1- Choosing the best landing spot

PUBG Mobile Season 17
PUBG Mobile Season 17

One of the major aspects of winning a game in PUBG Mobile Season 17 is choosing the landing spot. Players must always avoid early fights and popular drop-off zones to maximize the chances of their survival. Also, players must avoid the highlighted super-drop zones because a maximum number of players tend to drop there for early fights. Players must land as far from the flight path as possible.

2- Loot for blueprints and nano crystals

PUBG Mobile Season 17
PUBG Mobile Season 17

Alongside collecting ammo for weapons, players must also collect the Power Armor blueprints and Nano crystals to obtain the Power Armor Suit.

The Power Armor suit, once fully equipped, assist the players greatly with functions like hyperjump and dragon’s breath. It will also help players to survive for a long time persistently.

3- Avoid recall activation at the end

PUBG Mobile Season 17
PUBG Mobile Season 17

The recall activation is one of the newest features in the Power Armor mode, allowing players to drop on the map automatically two times after dying in the match.

Players must avoid dying at the end of the match and survive as much as possible because at the end, circles while dropping off. It will be easy for the opponents to spot the player landing on the ground in a parachute.

4- Loot for enough medkits

Medkits are necessary for survival. Hence, players must also focus on looting enough medkits, painkillers, and energy drinks to help during intense fights and the last zones.

5- Stick with teammates

Sticking with the allies is the best support that a player can get. A player must always stick with his/her allies to support them, whether they are knocked or need support in the firing. Staying with teammates will ensure better coordination and thus increasing the chances of making it to the last.

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