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Guilty Gear Strive beta extended after server issues

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(Image via Arc System Works)

The Guilty Gear Strive open beta started on February 19th for many players but was unavailable for much of its first 24-hour period due to server issues.

Many players hoping to test out the newest iteration of Guilty Gear were unable to connect to the servers long enough to access the game’s training modes.

With so few players able to play, Arcsys decided to extend the Guilty Gear Strive open beta to February 23rd. This was done to give people more chances to play and help them collect more data.

Guilty Gear Strive, the state of the game

It is obvious that this game is going to play quite differently through its predecessors. A lot of the needless complexities have been eliminated to produce a far more sleek and understandable environment.

This reduction in complexity was not just completed inside a vacuum, as Guilty Gear Strive rebuilt the game in the soil in place with this particular gameplay in mind.

You will find fewer total mechanics for players to study and fewer trivia to remember. The gameplay allows for substantial level as well as exploration in what it stresses.

For Guilty Gear Strive, that emphasis is placed strongly on the neutral game. This is the part of the game that takes place in the middle of the screen, where neither player is at a significant advantage or disadvantage.

This focus on neutral keeps players from getting put into a situation where they get taken out of the game. This scared many players from entering the series previously.

While the game’s aggression and creativity remain, it is much harder to lock someone down and prevent them from playing. With Guilty Gear Strive, the amount of time spent playing is significantly higher than previous titles.

Beta was and discovered problems

The game is, of course, still in beta. There are plenty of problems and issues that still need to be worked out. Currently, one of the issues that has already caught the developers’ attention is the imbalance between grounded and air-based gameplay.

As a number of advanced players have reported, Guilty Gear Strive presently lacks sufficient choices to give a defense against air based attacks.

Jumping into the air flow is often a threat in many fighting games, however in Guilty Gear Strive, this particular threat is actually reversed.

An airborne adversary approaching a grounded adversary has less risk plus more capability for reward as opposed to the grounded opponent guarding against it.

Players that jump straight into the Guilty Gear Strive beta that is open must be leery of that. Be aware this will probably undergo significant change between ultimate release and the beta later on this season.

Furthermore, while players have praised the game’s kept up to date netcode, they’ve additionally criticized its lobby process. It’s usually clunky and tough to uncover players within.

Overall, Guilty Gear Strive appears as it will live as many as its promise to be the ideal entry into the sequence for players that are new. Now, anyone is able to perform it on a PS4 or maybe PS5, whether they’ve Playstation Plus or perhaps not.

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