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The Hand Cannon returns in Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

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Where to find the Hand Cannon in Fortnite ?

Fortnite information has confirmed that players is now able to locate the Hand Cannon found Fortnite again.

Where to find the Hand Cannon, aka Deagle, in Fortnite Season 5

It has been quite some time since players got to make use of the Hand Cannon found Fortnite. These beasts have a great damage output and are rather great. The final period the Hand-Cannon was observed in the game was back again in January 2020.

Is the Hand Cannon in Fortnite a reality again?

The Flint Knock Pistol has been vaulted, and the Hand Cannon has been unvaulted. However, some players aren’t happy with the fact that the Flint Knock was vaulted so soon.


Players have been saying that they barely got to play with the weapon before it got vaulted.

Where to find the Hand Cannon


The Fortnite community seems slightly divided cause it does believe that the Hand Cannon in Fortnite is a worthy replacement for the Flint Knock Pistol.

Many Twitter users are claiming that it wouldn’t hurt to have both these items in the game.


Fans have also speculated that the weapons may be available on a rotatory basis from now. There’s a possibility that next week, the Hand Cannon in Fortnite will be vaulted, and another weapon will be unvaulted.

Many fans believe this will be a welcome change to Fortnite and make the game a bit more interesting than it currently is. There have been a lot of complaints from the Fortnite community recently, and any change would be welcome.

Some players are also hoping that this is could hint at the return of the Pump Action shotgun, at least on a rotary basis, in Fortnite.

Fans can’t seem to get over their fondness for Pump Action shotgun. Every time Epic Games comes up with something new in Fortnite, fans make it a point to express their desire to see the Pump Action shotgun make a return.

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