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Avatar: The Last Airbender Mod for Rome Total War Has Entered Beta

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A fan creates an Avatar: The Last Airbender mod for the original Rome Total War game, complete with characters and locations from the show.

Rome Total War Game

Rome Total War
Rome Total War

Modding has been a major part of PC gaming since players in the 1990s began creating their own maps for the classic FPS, Doom. The modding community is still incredibly active today, with many modern games like Stardew Valley frequently modified by fans. However, one modder in particular has turned their attention to an old game, the original Rome Total War by adding characters and locations from Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series.

Game Total War was initially released in September of 2004 for Windows and later for Mac as well as Apple and Android portable devices. While there has since been an additional twelve games in the Total War series, Game: Total War remains among the most popular, partially because of the large modding community surrounding the title.

The new mod, dubbed The Last Airbender: Total War, was created by moddb user KurdishNomad and contains character reskins that make the armies in the game look like the heroes and villains from the Avatar world. The map has also been remade in the likeness of the anime show, and KurdishNomad states that more Airbender related story elements will be added at some point in the future. Much like the recent Zelda: Link’s Awakening Minecraft mod, the Total War Airbender mod is being released as a beta project, so elements like the story and dialog will come in future updates.

Kurdish Nomad

Kurdish Nomad is also simultaneously working on Total War mods that are Rune scape and Lord of the Rings themed, but posts on moddb suggest they are mainly focused on the Last Air bender mod and will return to the others once it is finished. But even in its current beta state, the Air bender mod is avoiding the fate of The Last Air bender movie, largely considered one of the worst films of the last decade, and is receiving high praise among the Total War and Avatar communities.

Indeed, fans of Avatar: The Last Air bender have had a lot of praise worthy fan-made content to devour in the last several months. One fan recreated the Last Air bender show intro in Minecraft by building each frame out of thousands of blocks and using stop motion techniques to bring the scene to life, and another has recreated the intro using Pokemon of the correct elemental types in place of the Avatar characters.

Yet, while the fan-made videos recreating the Avatar intro are incredibly well done, many gamers have been eager to play an Avatar related video game again as there have been no official releases since 2014’s The Legend of Korra. Some such fans were partially satiated when the Korra Tabletop RPG was announced earlier this month, but the rest might want to dust off their copy of Game: Total War and install the Last Air bender mod.

Rome Total War is available now on Android, iOS, and Steam.

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