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A newly discovered Fortnite leak reveals that a new feature allowing players to sell loot to NPCs for gold bars is coming to the game.

Fortnite Leak


A recent Fortnite leak reveals a new feature for NPCs may soon be added to the game. The rumored addition will enable players to sell loot to a select number of The Game’s various NPCs around the map in exchange for Gold Bars.

Introduced in Season 5, Gold Bars act as The Game’s currency, allowing players to purchase different services from the island’s many inhabitants. The Gold Bars can do a number of things, depending on who is spoken to, including revealing treasure chests, purchasing and upgrading standard weapons, or even hiring NPCs directly to fight.

Detailed by reliable The Game leaker Hypex, the supposed update has been expected to arrive at some point within the current Season 5. However, given that the season is set to end in a couple of weeks, the feature is now believed to be slated for the launch of Season 6. While there will only be a certain amount of the characters who will be interested in buying extra loot off of players, finding them should prove to be fairly easy. All NPCs who have the selling feature will be marked with a money bag with a dollar sign on it. Additionally, Hypex claims that if players sell an expensive weapon, the buyer is supposed to do the “Make It Rain” emote, although the threshold to trigger the move remains unclear.

The Game’s NPCs getting new services

The Game’s NPCs getting new services added isn’t actually a new development. Last December, it was revealed that developer Epic Games may be adding new NPC services to the battle royale title, including the ability to buy loot from players. Some fans believe many of The Game’s newer features come from titles such as Minecraft and Apex Legends, with fans of the latter in particular accusing the game of copying loot vaults. However, that hasn’t stopped either battle royale game from taking inspiration from the other since.

The current season of  The Game has been a particularly interesting one. Featuring a crossover-heavy multiverse theme that has seen the game add characters from a wide range of franchises, Epic Games has certainly upped the ante of its story, and it’s not done yet. It’s been revealed that Batman and The Game are crossing over in a Zero Point event. The multimedia effort will see The Dark Knight enter the island’s universe in a six-part comic series, all of which have redeemable codes for themed in-game cosmetics.

The Game’s ambitions of adding more and more content seem to only exponentiate with time. While aspects of the game’s meta can be hit-or-miss for some players, there’s one possible new skin that’s sure to be approved by everyone: Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin is rumored to be dropping in.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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