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Ark Survival Evolved Final DLC Delayed

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The developers of ARK Survival Evolved announce a delay for the release date of the survival game’s final paid DLC, Genesis Part 2.

Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved
Ark Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard’s ARK Survival Evolved ended 2020 strong with the unveiling of the action-adventure survival game sequel Game 2. However, with the pandemic still raging on, it seems no video game franchise has been untouched by development delays. This also rings true with Studio Wildcard as it was recently shared that the studio will be pushing back the launch date of Game: Survival Evolved’s upcoming paid DLC, Genesis Part 2.

Most fans will likely remember the ARK series making a lot of noise as 2020 drew to a close. The developers not only announced a much-awaited sequel, stating that Game 2 will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X, but they also released news of an incoming animated series based on the game. With seemingly many projects going on simultaneously, and the change in work situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not surprising for the development team to have to delay some of their already announced projects.

In a community post in the official ARK website, Studio Wildcard updated its fans on the development status of the Genesis 2 DLC. With the DLC previously slated to be released in March 2021, the team apologized and formally stated that the content will not make it for the planned release date, and will be launched on May 26, 2021 instead. According to the post, it seems having to shift to a remote work environment has been a factor, much like how it has been for other video games and movies such as Evan gelion 3.0+1.0 that have been delayed due to the pandemic.

ARK fans

Ark Survival Evolved
Ark Survival Evolved

ARK fans will most likely agree that Studio Wildcard has been transparent in their reasons for the DLC delay. The team mentioned the challenges in closing the game’s main narrative, given how Genesis part 2 provides the final conclusion to the six-year run of Game: Survival Evolved. What the team hopes to produce is truly special content that remains faithful to the quality they have put out in the last six years, something ARK fans will most likely appreciate.

As a way to tide the players over, the devs shared some updates about Genesis Part 2 that has not been revealed before. This includes the introduction of the Voidwyrm, a new tamable flying creature that will be part of the DLC’s launch. Other updates in the post also include changes provided by user feedback such as making the Game entire map almost completely open and livable, and quality-of-life changes that will hopefully improve user experience and gameplay.

ARK Survival Evolved is available for Android, iOS, Linux, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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