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Among Us Fan Creates Perfect Impostor Snow Sculptures

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An Among Us fan earned first place in an Alaska-based snow sculpture contest by recreating an infamous impostor kill and crewmate death scene.

Among Us
Among Us

Among Us Fan

Social deduction game Among Us has definitely got some creative fans. From recreating maps using LEGO toys to designing a bot (named GlaDOS) which can serve as an extra player, the game’s clever crewmates and impostors have done it all. Now, one particularly talented fan has created a stunning, award-winning piece of winter art.

A Reddit user going by the name PoopNDash chose Game Us as the topic for his entry into the Alaska Snow Sculpture Championship, held in Anchorage during the last week of February. He created two sculptures inspired by the game, and ultimately won first place in the competition.

The first snow sculpture features one of the game’s most visually unique kills, in which an impostor opens a tooth-filled mouth to reveal a sharp, elongated tongue. The impostor then uses that tongue to stab an unsuspecting crewmate to death.

Among Us
Among Us

Electrical room of the map

The second is set in the Electrical room of the map “The Skeld,” an isolated location infamous among players for the high number of kills which occur there. It shows an impostor peeking out of a vent, holding a finger to its lips. Nearby, the mini crewmate (a purchasable pet which can follow your character around during the game) observes the corpse of the impostor’s victim, complete with a massive bone sticking out of its bisected body.

See both sculptures, as well as the creator’s comments on his process, here.

Over the past week, PoopNDash shared his progress in a series of Reddit posts. He began by molding miniature versions of the crewmates and impostors out of clay. Then, once he was assigned a location for his sculpture, he moved to sketching out ideas directly onto an enormous block of snow. Finally, he created the sculptures themselves over the course of several days. You can follow his journey on Reddit – and perhaps listen to the fan-created Game Us version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” while you do so.


PoopNDash described the process as a difficult one, as he had to contend with constantly shifting temperatures. Some parts of the sculpture he had to freeze and re-freeze several times over in order to prevent them from breaking into pieces. He noted that the impostor’s long, pointy tongue was particularly difficult to make, as it was narrow and not well-supported. For a while, he even considered making it out of an icicle, although he ultimately didn’t find any long enough to serve that purpose.

The sculptures were well-received on Reddit, with Game Us fans particularly praising the design of the long-tongued impostor and the inclusion of both the fan favorite mini crewmate pet and the frustrating but popular Electrical location.

This awesome snow sculpture is a wonderful start to 2021 for Game Us, which is currently planned to add a fourth map called “the Airship” later this year.

Among Us is currently available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. An Xbox Series X/S release is planned for 2021.

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