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Among Us Server New Issues Resolved

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Innersloth deals with some recent technical issues with its hit title Among Us, which were overloading servers and kicking players.

Among Us Server

Among Us
Among Us

Among Us is still going strong months after its dominance at the end of 2020. Though Game Us’ player count dipped in December, it still held its title as the most popular game currently on the market.

However, being the most popular game does have its drawbacks at times, for both the development team and the player base. According to developer Innersloth, the Game Us servers experienced overloaded servers earlier today which resulted in players getting kicked out of the game continuously, though the team began working on a fix as fast as possible.

The news comes straight from Innersloth’s official Twitter account. Earlier this morning Innersloth tweeted out saying, “Quick server update: we’re aware that the Game Us servers are currently overloaded and kicking players!” The team then apologized for the inconvenience and thanked players for their patience as they work towards a fix. Unfortunately, because Innersloth is such a small team, the process may have taken a bit longer than some players may have expected. Still, it’s very likely that Innersloth had dealt with similar server issues in the past, considering Game Us’ massive player base.

For those readers who haven’t heard exact numbers surrounding the game’s player base before, Game Us reached 3 million concurrent players across all platforms last September, during one of the game’s biggest spikes in popularity. While concurrent players reached over 3 million, Game Us also saw 100 million total downloads during that time, as well as 60 million active daily players. That should give readers an idea of the scope of Game Us’ player base, and why this server issue may have take a bit longer.

The Game development team

Additionally, the Game Us development team is only around four people or so, meaning the team at Innersloth don’t have the same luxury that much bigger development studios do. When Innersloth’s Game Us appeared at the Game Awards last year, the acceptance speech for winning Best Multiplayer only consisted of four people, with one team member appearing over video chat via smartphone. Of course, that’s not to say that Innersloth is any less capable than a development team with more people and a dedicated office, but simply that the team’s circumstances may hinder the fixes ever so slightly.

Still, Innersloth achieved quite the accomplishment with Game Us. Though the team probably owes a lot of that success to content creators on platforms like Twitch, as viewers apparently watched over 200 million hours of Game Us in the last quarter of 2020, it doesn’t take away from the solid multiplayer experience that Innersloth crafted on its own. Regardless, Game Us players should be able to hop back into the game and enjoy the smooth experience they know and love.

Among Us is available now on Mobile, PC, and Switch. It will be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2021.

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